Technoxone is a technology, blogging, and SEO blog which is one of the best platform where you will get all the latest news & tips regarding smartphones, tablets, games, laptops or any thing happening in technology world. Tutorials about different types of technologies i.e smartphones, windows, mac, programming. You can also find tips about blogging and SEO.

Our team contains many experts/writers in different sectors. Our goal is to provide the best possible content for our readers.

The Team:

Anjum Hashir – Founder

Anjum Hashir is a Software Developer by Profession. Currently, he is working on many different types of software developing projects and on the other hand he is also a full time blogger and digital marketing expert.


You can contact him on +Google  or inbox him [email protected].

Rameez Ahmed – Senior Editor


Rameez Ahmed

Rameez Ahmed is a Computer Engineer from NED University of Engineering and Technology. He have a mission to get the knowledge about every type of different technologies around the world, he also have a passion to writes about new latest technologies specially laptops and smart phones.

You can contact him on +Google  or inbox him [email protected]

Alisha Zenta- Senior Editor


Alisha Zenta

She is a technology enthusiast. Smartphones and tablets are her passions. She had received special tech diploma from IBM India and also passed out the Microsoft MCIT Papers. Work as a editor and writer on many online magazines.

You can contact her on +Google  or inbox him [email protected]

Mustafa Khan – Staff Writer


Mustafa Khan

Having studied literature for a good part of his life, writing is Mustafa’s utmost passion and he loves to indulge himself in it. He currently spends most of his time working as a freelance writer, contributing to websites and blogs who may require literary expertise. He prefers writing short stories and prose amongst other things, not to demean all the other genres of writing that are required in this age of technology.

contact: [email protected]

Other Contributors and Writers:

Madiha Mushtaq([email protected]) – Writer

Muhammed Ahsan([email protected]) –  Writer

Salman Hayat Khan([email protected]) – Quality Assurance

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