Top 10 Cars in 2011

List of Top 10 Cars in 2011: Cars have always been one of the most controversial matters to debate on. Everyone has their personal preferences and you certainly can not please everyone with how the lists of the Top 10 Cars of 2011 pan out. However let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and see which cars have held up the torch the highest for the year of 2011.

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee (Base Price: $30,215)

Jeep has always been well known for its off-road capabilities and probably the most trusted car when someone feels like driving out on the dirt. Continuing on its plea to be the best, the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee has faced the most treacherous of terrains and handled the situations without so much as a squeak.
2011 Lotus Evora (Base Price: $74,675)
The Lotus Evora looks like an amazing work of art. With a very sleek aerodynamic body, this car is probably the most fun car to drive of 2011. Lotus has held on to its reputation of making cars that handle the best. When put against a steep mountain juncture the Lotus Evora maneuvered through the bends and twists with the utmost of ease.

2011 Hyundai Sonata (Base Price: $19,195)

Hyundai has always had a knack for making luxury sedans stand out amongst even the hottest of sports cars. The Hyundai Sonata’s safety features are one of great stature while Hyundai’s 10 year 100,00-mile warranty only adds frosting to this very delicious cake.

2011 Toyota Sienna (Base Price: $25,270)

Mini-vans have never really seen the lime-light of the automobile stage but when such a car comes along like the Toyota Sienna, we can’t help but appreciate its class and splendor. The Toyota Sienna is like an all-in-one package, its engine packs an amazing amount of power which can be capable of towing over 3500 pounds. The Toyota Sienna is the only minivan that has all-wheel drive.

2011 Ford Mustang (Base Price: $22,145)

Where would we be with the Ford Mustang being on the list of the Top 10 best cars of 2011. Ford has always proven its worth when it comes to dishing out cars that leave one standing in awe. The Ford Mustang is no different, except it only has improvements making it better than its predecessor. The Ford Mustang 2011 comes with customizable shock values that allow the driver to race and revert back to softer settings so he can drive through casually around his neighborhood. The Ford Mustang 2011 does not cease to amaze us and its presence in this list is a great one to have.

2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty (Base Price: $28,020)

The Ford F-250 Super Duty is in a league of its own when one talks about achieving workload benchmarks. The Ford F-250 Super Duty is able to handle about 7,000 pounds of load in its bed, and can pull a staggering 22,000 pounds with a 5th wheel stack. This car makes every job look small in its wake. The productivity it produces is commendable to say the least. Ford sticks well on its bid of making powerhouses of cars in the smartest way possible

2011 Ford Fiesta (Base Price: $13,320)

The 2011 Ford Fiesta is a great innovation in car making. This car is known for its insane amounts of fuel efficiency. Wonder how it would feel to get out an average of 40 mpg over a 400-mile range, with an old internal combustion system. Though it has an old fashioned car engine, the Ford Fiesta itself doesn’t have to be an obsolete car. On the contrary, being able to get such great mileage out of a car is amazing, and we are pleased to say that the 2011 Ford Fiesta would have you satisfied with how it does not beat down on your wallet too hard.

2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe (Base Price: $38,165)

Cadillac has always had its own aura of prestige; it’s further amplified with the 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe. A very sleek and elegant car to say the least, the 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe proves how art and science can get along to create something amazing. Cadillac’s trademark curves are still well intact but they are now tempered with much sleeker curves. The overall look of the 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe is mind blowing to say the least, and a very worthy addition to the Top 10 Best cars of 2011.

2011 Infiniti M37/M56 (Base Price: $47,125)

The new 2011 Infiniti M37/M56 is a great innovation on design and prestige. It sets a very progressive benchmark for cars to come and acts as diminishing factor for the cars that have come before it. The 2011 Infiniti M37/M56 is a prime example of how a car can easily be mixed with finesse and beauty while maintain its raw power.

2011 Chevrolet Volt (Base Price: $41,000)

The Chevrolet Volt is a great innovation on cars that run on electricity. Working on a 16-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack the 2011 Chevrolet Volt is able to go 40 miles on the charged battery as per GM’s claims. Then the car goes back to its usual 31.72 mpg on the roads. The 2011 Chevrolet Volt is a great stride in how the cars that will use electricity as a power source will shape up to be, clearly deserving its spot in the Top 10 best cars of 2011.

All in all:

All these cars prove their repute out on the road. Every car has its own sense of beauty, in its own unique regard. When it comes to certain aspects some stand out and shine better than others, thus making it hard to come up with a Top 10 Best cars of 2011 list. Yet then again, it goes to show how the manufactures and companies of these amazing cars have played a vital role in adding to the already amazing aspects of each individual car.

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