Whiteboard Animation Can Boost Your Profit Margin In No Time

The internet has created a whole new landscape for business owners and professionals. In many cases, internet campaigns have become more important and effective than TV advertising. This is, of course, due to the increased role of internet in every aspect of every person’s life. People are seldom without internet—even when they’re on vacation. They use the internet for work, entertainment, leisure, and also to research other ways to work, be entertained, and find leisure activities.

whiteboard animation

Advantages of White Board Animations:

Increasing Website Traffic

This rise in the power of the internet has spawned a new market—search engine optimization. This is the method of making your website appear more valuable to search engines. Increasing your site’s perceived value and achieving a higher page rank with the search engines makes those engines list your company sooner on their search results lists.

Being listed sooner in the search results means that your company gets found more frequently—essentially, meaning more and more people are connecting with your company. This ability to connect people with business has caused quite the boom in the SEO business.

Whiteboards Help SEO

Launching an SEO campaign can be quite a costly and complicated endeavour. There are, however, some tricks you can do to increase your website’s perceived value without signing on an SEO company. Adding videos to your website automatically gives it a boost. This is because people are a lot more likely to share a video over social media than a block of text and will back link to it from their website.

In fact, one good video can go viral and send your website’s ranking skyrocketing. This gets a lot of people viewing your site—and quite often they’ll be just the people in your market that you’ve wanted to find. Even if your video doesn’t go viral, including useful and entertaining videos will increase traffic to your site.

Most internet viewers look at the videos included on a site first, before they read any content. In fact, one recent survey has found that people who viewed videos on a store website were 174 percent more likely to buy something.

Video can get expensive to produce and that’s the main reason many small businesses don’t opt for such enhancements on their websites. It can get especially costly when you consider that updating your videos frequently will help make your website more valuable.

Video Enhancement

One of the best ways to add videos to your list of your website enhancements is by using whiteboard animation. These “animated” videos give you all the appeal that live-action video production will do while being low-cost and easy-to-produce.

Whiteboard animation can boost your profit margin in no time by grabbing your customers’ attention, feeding them the information you want them to have clearly and succinctly, and entertaining them at the same time.

These videos are short and to-the-point and allow you to distill your message into digestible chunks that today’s internet viewers (who all have extremely short attention spans) can handle. They are fascinating to watch and can be used to make the most mundane topic become interesting.

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