10 Best Tools for Creating Impressive Infographics

From the earliest cave paintings till the latest logographs, visual aids have been adopted as the best mode of communication. Apparently, people tend to comprehend and grab better with the aid of visual graphics or images. As far as your graphics are clear and hold an expression of brevity, your message will be undoubtedly communicated aptly. Cashing in on this aspect of human mind, many online reputation management companies have started blending the interesting visuals along with the content on the website in order to generate an interactive experience for the visitors. The following ten best tools for creating infographics and visuals can aid you in achieving the task more easily.

Best Tools for Creating Infographics:



This wire-framing tool helps in creating simple mobile as well as web diagrams. On the free front, the tool is available only in a demo form. However, opting for the desktop version will also not cost much.


It is one of the well categorized web tools that offer a huge collection of visualizations from across the web. In order to create your own infographics, simply register on the site and wade in. Also, it has been integrated with shallow learning guides, so as to help you create your own graphics without any kind of ore-requisite skills.


This is a free web tool used for creating infographs. Though this tool does not allow you to craft graphs through real data, but it is the best pick for conceptual storytelling and visualizations. It provides a fascinating user interface along with impressive and appealing themes to start with. The themes have been embedded with several elements such as the maps, comparison or relationship graphing and flow charts. Also, they provides with best and unique options for backgrounds and well-design objects.


This is also a free and a web based tool that provides a great interface and unique themes for crafting simple infographics. It employs charts for the creation of real data. This tool offers around 31 chart forms with trendy and latest displays such as the map charts, bubble graphs, scatter charts etc. Once the creation of the infographic is finished, you can easily embed it into the website and even publish the same on the infogr.am website.


This is a productive tool for the purpose of wire-framing and comes with an intuitive interface. Its desktop application offers styling and customization of objects for creating desired infographics. For a simpler creation of web and mobile interfaces, they also provides with free downloadable stencils. However, only certain features are limited for the free versions.


This is one of the most popularly used web based tool by several online reputation management companies. It is available in six amazing themes for the creation of simple visualizations. You can easily drag or drop the different images and shapes. It also allows you to export files to different JPG or ONG formats in web or print quality. Some free versions of the tool even allow you to add small Piktochart watermarks at the bottom of the download pages.


This is an amazing tool for creating presentations. Its uniqueness lies in its feature that allows you to record yourself talking along with the slides. It is mainly meant for people who are involves in remote sharing of a concept or a proposal.


This is not really a web based tool but offers certain free tools for the creation of data visuals. This tool permits the uploading of a CSV or a spreadsheet and further helps in creating various distinctive forms of cooperative data visualizations. In addition, it has been provided with an impressive gallery of exciting forms of visualization concepts.


This tool employs the use of Google Spreadsheets with further links to Sound Cloud, Flickr, and YouTube etc. It is effective in creating attractive timelines and interactive visualizations.


It is a kind of community platform that helps in creating infographics and data visualizations. It allows its users to build fun Venn diagrams and other similar forms. The tool has been integrated with social networking elements that analyzed data from networking sites such as the Facebook and Twitter. However, this tool does not permit any sort of customization.

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