Microsoft’s Upcoming OS Windows 8 leaked

As everybody knows that Windows 7 is a huge it after that Microsoft is working on its new Operating System. However its really confidential but some PowerPoint presentations on web revealing some features of new upcoming Windows OS. The new Windows 8 is consider to be having some problems. Beta version of Windows 8 would be expected in mid-2011, and a public beta would be arrived in 2011. Windows 8 will out in mid-2012, according to Microsoft.

The new Windows 8 will perform amazingly fast and features included:

  • Hibernate Support.
  • Facial Recognition.
  • Enhanced Touch Display.
  • All in one display.
  • Direct X GPU.
  • Internet Explorer 9.
  • Push Button Reset.

Now lets talked about leaked new feature named “Push Button Reset” by using this feature your windows will be re-installed without deleting any files. Isn’t that amazing?.

The new OS will contain Windows app Store, according to document. But the everything about it, still unrevealed and blur.

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