Microsoft Office 2010 Released: Volume Product Key (VLK) Needed For Activation

Microsoft Office 2010 it is essential for all the consumers to go through it. Now you can use Microsoft by volume license key (VLK) after that it will be activated by using license Key. According to Microsoft it is really very necessary for consumer if they really want to use Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Previous version of  office requires 25 characters serial key but now onwards you can simple by pass this step.

But due to this there is a chance that people may use it illegally. Microsoft Office 2010 requires activation key. Now Microsoft is working to get rid of the issue.

After the announcement was made by the Microsoft now Microsoft is working on securing their release from the hackers for this purpose they are giving much strength Software Protection Platform (SPP), Microsoft is planning to applying it first on operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. And you can also use Microsoft Office 2010 by applying license key, not 25-character product key like previous version of Microsoft office.

New Microsoft Office 2010 activation is pretty much like Windows 7 activation. All you have to do is just have configure Key Management Service (KMS), now it will allow your system to activate Office 2010 clients. Here are some activation tips of MS Office 2010

1. Just configure Key Management Service (KMS) hosts for the activation MS Office on your specific operating systems

2. If you want KMS host activating both Office 2010 and Windows 7, Windows KMS host key must be installed with Office KMS host key.

3. Microsoft Office KMS clients can only be working properly when multiple computers i.e. (five or more than five) will be activating using KMS host

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