Creative Shipping Ideas To Improve Your Business

If you are an e-Commerce business or simply a business that ships its products to its customers, you may have experienced some problems in shipping and logistics. If you are starting up, you are more prone to these problems. Some of these problems are costly and can upset your customers. If you are in a pinch, try these creative shipping solutions.

Ask local couriers for good deals

Talk to your local couriers and explain your dilemma. They may have a solution for you. For example, FedEx’s Ground Package Returns Program can handle some shipments even if they are not technically product returns. UPS also offers the same service called UPS Returns Pack and Collect. If you are using affiliates to send your products, supply them with pre-printed return shipping labels that have barcodes for easy tracking. These carriers can then get the products from them and deliver them to wherever you want.

Have your own team

For some businesses, having their own team of drivers and delivery vehicles works best. The trick is to bring a full load every time. How do you that? Ask other businesses if they want you to do the deliveries for them. You can ask for a fee for every delivery you make. After a trip, find out which businesses in the area you delivered to need to get some things out to your place. This way, you get a full truck on each trip. You increase your productivity and earn more profit. If you factor in gas, salary and vehicle expenses, you will still get a profit as long as you fill your trucks.

Ship items to yourself

You’ll never know what the customer experiences until you try it out for yourself. Try shipping a product to your house and see how effective your packaging is. Is it hard to open your packages? Are your packages plain and a pain? Then it’s time to rethink the way you pack your products. Change your materials to protect your product better so you don’t have to remove yards and yards of bubble wrap. You should also consider using eco-friendly products so that you don’t contribute to the trash in the environment. You can put simple reminders for your customers to reuse or recycle your packaging materials.

Improve the aesthetics and “wow” factor of your packages. You can include a free gift coupon, a discount card or your next brochure. Surprise your customers to make opening their packages a delightful experience.

By thinking outside the box, you can cut shipping costs, improve your processes and improve your customer’s experience.

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