Magento And X Cart Comparative Features

Be it an online platform or offline, every business has different needs and different ways with which it can reach to the top and prove to be highly profitable. With internet booming with new and edgy stores which sell everything online, eCommerce stores have become very popular and more and more people are resorting to buying stuff online. It saves their time and money and is much more convenient. However, not every eCommerce store succeeds and there are a number of things which go behind in making an effective eCommerce platform.

Difference Between Magento and X Cart

Difference Between Magento and X Cart

Designing your platform isn’t something very easy and a lot of thought goes into it, and thus we are provided with software and programs which allow us to build effective and feature rich platforms for our services and products. Two of the most famous and efficient ones are Magento and X cart and both of them have their benefits and it is for you to decide which one suits your business better. Below mentioned are the main differences between the two eCommerce platforms and will help you decide what is better for you.

Overview of Magento and X Cart

Magento: Magento has come up to be one of the most used and highly profitable eCommerce platforms building solution and right now is one of the world’s leading software for building eCommerce sites. This shopping cart is based on PHP and Zend framework and is known to be user-friendly, superbly flexible and very scalable. Available in both free and paid versions, it has been used to build more than 1, 25,000 shops and the clients are constantly on the rise.

X cart: This relatively smaller eCommerce building platform has more than 25000 online stores, and has come up to be a successful program which is suitable for businesses of any size. This open source solution is based on the PHP software and has been able to offer different pricings for various kinds of businesses depending upon their size and other requirements. Let us now look at the main similarities and differences between the two.

Magento and X Cart Similarities

Because of the similarity in the nature of the service they provide, both the programs have a number of benefits which are common. Both the shopping carts allow their users to add as many products as they like and the options for categories and images are also endless. These carts also allow their users to sell any item they like be it virtual or physical and both these programs have good product management systems. Other common features include payment options and both Magento and X Cart have a wide base when it comes to shipment gateways, and almost all the world’s popular and highly used platforms are affiliated with these carts. This means you do not have to worry about the money transfer problems.

Lastly, Magento and X Cart also have common features of customization and design and both allow their users to harness full control over their websites’ look and feel. They also provide features like high security, multi-lingual and currency support and feature of running multiple stores.

Specific Features of Magento and X Cart

When it comes to usability, Magento is a platform which can be used to make complex websites for big stores and wide customer bases. It has more features and more options to choose from which means the usability is reduced and understanding it can be tough at times. However, X Cart being a simpler platform, is much more user friendly. Magento needs experience and knowledge about software and programs which makes it tougher to use for beginners and novices.

Other features which are different include features and extensions. As mentioned above, Magento is much richer in terms of features and provides its users with much more to choose from. This isn’t the case with X Cart and it still is a smaller platform for simpler eCommerce sites and easy solutions. Magento thus holds an edge in this as every possible feature which you might need, will be available to you.

Third is the speed and this is something relative. As X Cart is a smaller platform and requires less resource consuming, it is faster. On the other hand, Magento is highly powerful consumes more resources and is slower. However, its speed can be raised with the help of optimization. In this sphere, X Cart takes the lead due its light nature and specifications.


Now that you know the similarities and differences between the both, you need to keep your business in both the situations and find as to what will work for you. Both the above discussed carts are good and gave been highly successful in helping setting up online stores. If your business is smaller and simpler with fewer features needed, X Cart is a better option for you and if your products are many and you need complex features, then Magento will work for you better.

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