How To Entice Customers To Buy Using Free Shipping

Consumers just love free shipping. Most businesses report that their sales shoot up whenever they offer free shipping to their customers. Consumers are so used to free shipping offers that 61% of them said that they will cancel their order if free shipping is not offered. If you want to attract more customers to your business using this promo, here’s how.

Free Forever!

There are very few retailers that offer free shipping all the time but if you can somehow work this deal into your sales strategy and still earn a decent profit, go for it! Totally free shipping will get you a lot of loyal customers. Instead of driving to a store, they will just order from you online, all the time!

Members Only Free Shipping

A good example of a company that uses this method is Amazon Prime. Customers pay an annual fee then they get free shipping. The advantage of this is you get paid outright and you can be sure that you will have sales all throughout the duration of a customer’s membership. They paid for the membership so of course they will take advantage of it. You can always expect sales through this method.

Free Shipping with a Minimum Purchase

This is the most popular strategy among retailers. For example, if a customer orders $50 worth of merchandise, she gets free shipping. This has made consumers buy more than what they really need just to take advantage of the free shipping offer.  

Free Shipping on Selected Items

Retailers use this method to get rid of overstaying inventory. You can also bundle this up with your other items. For example, add Lotion ABC to your purchase to get free shipping.

Free Shipping to Your Store

This is gaining popularity among consumers. For example, customer A always passes by your store after work but can’t go inside to shop because she’s too tired or she wants to beat the rush hour. Her solution is to go online at night and buy stuff but she feels bad about paying for shipping when your store is in her daily route. To convince customer A to buy, tell her she can pay online and pick up her order at your store with a promise to waive the shipping fee. This is more convenient for her as she can pop in your store, get her items and head on home. You’re happy and she’s happy.

Free Return Shipping

This method works for clothing and shoes retailers. This can also encourage customers to buy more than one item. It’s a bit of a gamble though. Usually, one customer orders 2 sizes of shoes to try on and then returns the one that does not fit. Your loss comes when both sizes don’t fit but that does not happen very often.

Now that you know how to utilize Free Shipping, use it to increase your sales and your customer base.

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