Choosing An Electronic Repair Company

When choosing a firm to repair your industrial electronic equipment, it can be difficult to know where to start, with so many firms offering industrial repair services.  The following tips will help you to find a reliable company, whatever your requirements.


Firms with 20 years of experience will have invested time and money in training their staff to the highest levels and they will often also re-train regularly to update their staff with the latest techniques and technology.  Look for a firm who are experienced in the area you need, whether that is industrial monitor repair,AC and DC drive repairs or something else.

ABB Robot Repairs

Many firms invest in the latest technology to carry out skilled industrial repairs, such as ABB robots. ABB repairs usually come with a 12 month warranty and you should enquire with the firm about them giving you a quote as many companies will offer a fixed price rate on certain robot repairs.

Motor Repairs

Reputable industrial repair companies can usually offer discounted rates on new motors or on repairs to existing AC and DC motors. Therefore you should look for a company who will offer a pick-up, return and installation service, whilst carrying out an analysis of the problem on site for you; experienced industrial repair companies will be happy to provide you with a rough quote for work in advance.

Industrial Monitors

Industrial monitors are important to your workplace and when they break, the results can be catastrophic and inconvenient.  By repairing rather than replacing your industrial monitor, you can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Most common PC monitors as well as Cathode Ray Tubes, colour and monochrome displays, LCD screens and operator display equipment can be repaired by industrial monitor repair specialists.  Find a company who specialize in industrial monitor repairs and who have high-quality testing equipment to assist with the repair and testing of screens and monitors.

Collection and Delivery

Look for an industrial repair company who will come to your place of work to collect goods, carry out an assessment then deliver and re-install equipment for you; this should be a standard service for most repair companies, but that doesn’t mean some won’t charge through the roof for it.  If your business is going under due to faulty AC drives and you need assistance, no matter what the time of day or night, a reputable 24 hour repair company should be able to be with you as soon as possible; after all, time means money.

Consider Redesign or Rebuild Services

Perhaps your equipment is too badly damaged to repair, or it is old equipment and parts are no longer available.  If this is the case, you need the services of a company who can redesign and rebuild your expensive industrial equipment.  Even equipment such as printed circuit boards can be modified and rebuilt to improve reliability and stability.  By hiring an experienced industrial repair firm, you can enquire as to what kind of equipment they specialize in repairing; often their work can improve the performance of your system and be more cost effective than a full repair service or replacement.

Types of Equipment

Most industrial repair firms will be able to repair a range of equipment, whether you work in the automotive industry, a food or chemical factory or in the aerospace industry; but of course some firms will specialize in certain areas.  By looking at the company’s website and ringing for a quote and quick chat about your requirements, you will be able to find out more about their services and receive a quote for the work you require completed.

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