Action Performed By Facebook, Users May Not Get Wrong Perception From Pages

If new user wants to sign up with Facebook account, the user will automatically taken through four different steps. The steps will have four tabs i.e. find friends, add interests, add profile information, and upload a profile picture. If a user doesn’t want to use Facebook on PC or laptop there is also a possibility that the user will use it on his or her cell phone with the help of Facebook for cell phones. User should read all the privacy information before making account on Facebook, it will help user a lot.

Facebook did a great job for user’s demographic by not showing the complete list to every user. Twitter took a step in January by changing it’s suggested user list from all others by giving an access to users to select a their desired category. But many users have complaints due to some privacy issues on Twitter.

Facebook is trying to minimize these issues.  Facebook suggest only these Pages that made posting for gather or engaging updates. If 25-year-old male from US suggested by another user to visit other pages like Alcohol, sports and entertainment. The main reason behind it, is that user will not get wrong information from any pages and also the information that will harm user.

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