Mark Zuckerberg Ranked Top CEO in Glassdoor Survey

Mark Zuckerberg has been ranked as the top chief executive in a glassdoor survey which was based on the opinions of current and former employees. Zuckerberg received a rating of 99 percent which is phenomenal to say the least. Zuckerbergs employees accepted and were behind the way he handled the world’s leading social network.

“The company lives up to its motto of move fast and don’t be afraid.” is facebook’s motto and one software engineer in facebook’s long list of employees stated this to be the case. However he also said that facebook worked at a “hardcore environment” and people who aren’t used to high loads of responsibility would not fit along well for facebook.

The survey was conducted over a time period of one year as Glassdoor gathered information from employees to make an annual ranking for chief executives. SAP co-chiefs Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe came in behind Mark Zuckerberg by a very minute margin and Google’s co-founder, Larry Page came in at third with 95 percent of employee approval.

Apple’s boss Tim Cook came in at number 18 with an employee approval rate of 93%. One ex Apple employee stated that being the big company that Apple is, most of the little guys are lost in the fold.

Overall Mark Zuckerberg took the title for most “liked” boss of 2012 and that can be seen from how well and diligently facebook’s staff and engineers work. Other CEO’s and bosses will have to learn a thing or two from Mark Zuckerberg on how he is able to maintain such a high rate of employee approval!

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