Computer, Console, Phone: Which Gadgets Should I Upgrade And Which Should I Wait On?

Every couple of months, you will hear some devastating news. The word on the street and over the Twittersphere…there is soon to be a serious update to your existing phone. Replace phone with computer, console, phone, or tablet, and you have just read what is a common experience for many people today.

So in such a world of rapid developments in technology, how should we decide when to upgrade our gadgets, and when to hold on? Here we survey four commonly owned gadgets, sharing a little bit of advice of what to do.

Computer – if there’s a valid reason, go for it

These days, the costs of laptops and desktops (generally) are falling whereas the rates for computer technicians and specialists are going in the opposite direction. Hence, if you’ve passed the five-year mark for your computer and think it’s about time you did a serious computer clean up, you would do well to consider an upgrade instead. In particular, if you’re short on time, transfer all your documents onto a hard drive and make the switch! It’ll be much quicker than all that defragmenting and rebooting, not to mention the potential frustration and loss involved!

Computer systems – don’t do it (immediately)

Two words. Windows Vista. Need we say more? Sure there may be wild speculations about the latest operating system and how it can read your mind and do your budgeting and control your air conditioning in your home, but there have been more than a few cases where the reality has let the users down. If you’re not happy with your computer’s operating system, it will really get to you. Perhaps here, it’s wise to remember: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Console – depends, depends, depends 

Let’s be honest – upgrading your console is a pure luxury task, solely for your entertainment and leisure. Here there are no excuses that an upgraded computer will improve your studies or an upgraded phone better your relationships. That being said, we’re not here to condemn. If there’s a considerable change in the console, for example, wireless connectivity, we’d say, go for it. A slightly larger hard drive? Perhaps. One more port than the previous model just in case? Maybe not.

Phone – if there’s nothing dramatically new, don’t bother

Let’s take the classic case of the iPhone 5, released September 2012 and marketed as “the biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone”. The rumours were escalating, the leaks were exciting, and yet…there wasn’t an astounding difference between the previous model, the 4S, and the new 5. Generally with phones, if you’re locked in to a twelve or twenty-four month contract, it’s safer to just wait out your contract without paying exorbitant charges to get out and upgrade.

Tablet – do some counting first

So there’s a new Kindle HD and that iPad mini just looks so handy – should you upgrade? Like with all gadgets, it’s worth doing a bit of a cost-benefit analysis. While most people use their smartphones and laptops considerably, tablets are a bit more of a mixed bag. Are you the kind of person who couldn’t survive without it, or do you only use it to watch movies and show slideshows to your family? If it’s the latter, stick with your current model, it’s just not worth it!

Wait, just wait…

If the stories of elation and dismay have taught us anything, it’s that generally it’s good to exercise a healthy dose of caution and patience before jumping on the bandwagon and treating yourself to an upgrade, whether of your computer, console, phone, or tablet. Remember that having a slightly older model, as devastating as it may be, is always better than being on the laughing end once unhappily upgraded.

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