Best PC Games

Best PC Games:

Games are an amazing form of entertainment for all ages. We have all grown up playing video games and marveling at how our imaginations cope with them. Awe stricken when we first played Doom, and now in 2012 we are at a completely different pinnacle of gaming where everything has become so fine tuned and realistic. PC gaming is only to improve and I for one cannot wait to see where it takes us. Now let us take a look at the Best PC games of all time.


Published by Ubisoft and released in 2001, this is one of the best Flight simulation games ever, especially after the addition of the many expansions it received.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six:

Published by Red Storm entertainment and released in 1998 this game was an amazing innovation to first person shooting games. It brought the thought of adding tactical revelry to a game that only required you to pull a trigger and that has gone a long way.

Unreal Tournament 2004

A game that will live in infamy forever, countless hours of playing online gaining frags in the thousands. We played Unreal Tournament 2004 until our fingers could not bear to press another key. Published by Atari and released in 2004 this game is still played today by many people.

The Sims:

Published by Electronic Arts and released in 2000; The Sims has been the best selling franchise in the history of gaming. The Sims is basically a game in which you live life and a very addictive game as well.

Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century:

This game was published by Activision and released way back in 1995. This game had everything in a small package, with many customization options as well amazing rewards for your overall performance in the game.

Deus Ex:

First person RPG games are more often than not a treat to play. This game was one of those treats, with amazing weapons to choose from and a lot of different varieties to use them, Deus Ex was a game you had to indulge in deeply. Published by Ion Storm and released in 2000, Deus Ex lives to this day as a timeless classic.

Warcraft 2 – Tides of Darkness:

Warcraft II is probably the game that started the transition of single player gaming to online gaming. With an amazing real time strategy experience as well, this game has much to offer even though it was released way back in 1995. It turned the tide of internet gaming as we know it today.

Call of Duty:

No one knew where the very first installment of Call of Duty would lead Activision and Infinity Ward. Today it is very evident that there are millions upon millions of gamers who have played this game and are still playing it today. An amazing and timeless first person shooter that was set in WW2, this game is a must play for any FPS enthusiast.

World of Warcraft:

This title can easily be called one of the best massive multiplayer online games of all times. This is self evident as the population of gamers on this games servers are an astronomical figure. With a rich story and amazing visuals World of Warcraft is a must play game, unless of course you fear of being addicted to a game. Blizzard had taken the world by storm in 2004 and continues to do it even in the present.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The series of Elder Scrolls is a very unique one indeed. Published by 2k Games and released in 2006 this game has something that most other massive multiplayer online games do not have, and that is accessibility. Everything can be interacted with and has its consequences and rewards as well. Set in a very large world you have the choice of doing whatever you want to do in it.

Grim Fandango:

Developed and published by Lucas Arts this game was released back in 1998. With engaging puzzles and a storyline that is very interesting as well as compelling characters, it’s almost as if your watching a movie rather than playing a game.

Company of Heroes:

Published by THQ and developed by Relic studios this game was released in 2006. This game has gone wrong in no way, with an amazing campaign as well as an entertaining multiplayer feature Company of Heroes is a must play game for any RTS fan.

System Shock 2:

A generally horrifying game, this game succeeded in its intended purpose; to scare us to the very core. Fighting against terrifying monsters and mutated crew mates you trudge along two space vessels with a wide variety of weapons in your bid to survive the onslaught.

Battle Field 1942:

This game was the perfect reenactment of the battlefields of Stalingrad, a truly addictive game. It has the perfect mixture of action packed revelry as well as tactical precision. Developed by Digital Illusions CE, and published by EA this game was released in 2002 and remains to this day a timeless classic.

Age of Empires 2 – Age of Kings:

Developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft this game was released in 1998. In terms of classic RTS games Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings was by far the best game ever. What made this game so enjoyable was its unpredictability as well as well balancing between the vast arrays of civilizations it had to offer. Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings was not a game in which the biggest army would always win; infrastructure played a huge role in this game as well. A timeless classic indeed, Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings portrays the pinnacle of RTS gaming at its very finest.

Half-Life 2:

Developed by Valve gaming and published by Vivendi Games, this game was released in 2004. It can be argued that the first installment to this game is what it made it shine the way it did, but that is certainly not the case. Between the two games, Half-Life 2 is just simply better in every aspect whether it be visuals, or the new puzzles and life forms that Gordon had to face. Half-Life 2 provided a different more crisp experience in City 17. With animations and voiceovers that were far more dramatic and instilled more emotion to the player, Half-Life 2 was and still is an amazing game!

Sim City – 2000:

This game was released in 1993 and nothing is known about who developed or published this game. However it is a timeless classic nonetheless, and if you know anything about city planning you were on your way of living a good life in Sim City: 2000. However you can also tear down your own cities with ravaging monsters or invading aliens. This game accounts for hours upon hours of entertainment for many people and is clearly one of the most ingenious titles in the history of gaming!

Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn

Arguably one of the best RPGS ever made, this game was developed by BioWare and published by Interplay and it was released in 2000. Being the sequel to Baldur’s Gate, this game came with many high expectations for people and it lived up to every one of them. Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn was a highly engaging RPG that was comical and riveting at the same time. With a vast environment and a seemingly infinite amount of side quests, Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn was worth every penny it was sold for. What made Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn stand out of from other RPGS was its characters and how well they played a role in everything that was going around. A must have game for any RPG enthusiast.


Now where would we be without StarCraft on the list of top 25 games of all time? Developed and published by Blizzard back in 1998. StarCraft to this day is played on a competitive level on with thousands upon thousands of players. What made this game thrive for so long? It’s simple; this game has captivating, competitive and engaging game play. It outshined any RTS of its time and has continued to do so with immaculate precision for a very long time!


Published and developed by Interplay and released in 1997. Probably the best RPG game, Fallout contains everything a game should have. A compelling storyline, intriguing characters, and a narrative that just made us want to keep playing and playing till our eyes shut by themselves. With its post apocalyptic setting, Fallout was able to maintain humor in where it was deemed acceptable often adding richness to the games storyline as well as the overall experience in playing this amazing title. Fallout may be on number 6 in the top 25 best games of all times, but its surely the best RPG we have ever played.

Rome – Total War:

Developed by Creative Assembly and published by Activision this game was released back in 2004. This game had something that many others game do not, challenging A.I. Another thing which made this game stand out was extremely polished and deeply integral strategic game play. Tactics are the rule of this game. For anyone seeking a tough time in dealing with strategic situations, this game is a must have!

Star Wars – TIE Fighter:

This game was developed and published by Lucas Arts and was released in 1994. Space combat games have always had a very fascinating perspective about them. No game has ever grasped the action and command of this genre as well Star Wars: TIE Fighter has. With the perfect amount of mission design and flight mechanics this game brought the Star Wars series to life.

Civilization IV:

Developed by Firaxis and published by 2K Games this game was released in 2005. It can easily be said that Civilization provides the most ingenious and addicting 4x experience ever to have been witnessed. Turn-based strategy games have always had their high level of difficulty, and Civilization IV did something no game has done, took it and made it easier.

X-COM – UFO Defense:

Developed by Mythose Games and published by Microprose this game was released in 1994. Your sole mission was to save the Earth from alien invasion and this old game had so much to offer, it is insane to even think about. With high levels of base management, compelling role playing, top of the line researches and a gripping combat display, this game had it all!


Developed and published by ID software this game was released in 1993. The pioneer of first person shooting, the pioneer to 3-D gaming over all, Doom is what started it all. As you roam the moon of Mars Phobos, you tackled monsters and creatures that were bent on denying you the right to live. You took their lives over and over again and your fingers on your keyboard never grew weary of doing so! The true classic to all gaming Doom is at the top of our list of the top 25 games of all time and rightly so.


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