How to Cure Diseases in Skyrim Game

Cure Diseases in Skyrim Game

The latest installment to Elder Scrolls, Skyrim is a highly versatile and interactive game. With all wakes of life incorporated in this game you play the role of a character on a journey to fight against the evils that have besieged the land. Skyrim has a massive playing area and almost every place and everyone is interactive in one way or another. This game can be frustrating at times as well if you get stuck in an area of high difficulty or fighting against a dragon. A major issue in this game is of contracting and curing diseases. There are eight different types of diseases one can contract in this game and they all have different methods of contraction as well. Let us first take a look at the numerous types of diseases that you can contract.

Skyrim Game

The Diseases:

Bear in mind that all of these diseases have negative impacts to your character and catching them is not a rare scenario. Bone Break fever is a disease that you contract from various traps or being bitten by the numerous types of bears. Bone Break fever reduces your stamina by a total of twenty five! Rockjoint, is a very common fever and it can be contracted from a number of different monsters such as wolves as foxes as well as horkers and traps. Rockjoint negates the effectiveness of your melee weapon by a total of twenty five percent. Rattles is a disease that is caught by the poisonous creatures known as Chaurus, as well as traps. Rattles will decrease your health regeneration by 50 percent. Brain Rot is a disease that causes your magicka statistic to be reduced by twenty five and it is contracted by traps and the Hagravens, a bird like humanoid that is common in the lands of Skyrim. Ataxia is contracted by unseen traps and wandering skeevers, ravenous marsupials the size of dogs but look like rats. Ataxia makes pick pocketing and lock picking a twenty percent more difficult task then it would be under normal circumstance. Witbane is a dangerous disease to those who use magic, it causes the infected person to regenerate there magicka at a rate fifty percent lower than under normal circumstance. Witbane is contracted from traps and the sabrecats, a large predatory animal that is at times hard to deal with and found in the mountainous regions of Skyrim. A unique disease known as Sanguinare Vampirisis, causes your health to drop by twenty five and progresses onto vampirisim. This disease is contracted from vampires. Lycanthropy is a disease that allows the character to transform into a werewolf and can only be contracted from completing the Companions quest line.

The Cures

There are numerous ways to cure all of the said diseases. Mostly all of these diseases can be cured by visiting any of the shrines in the nine holds of Skyrim. If you do not want to travel back to these holds you should stock pile on Potion of Cure Diseases to cure any disease you may have caught. The Vigilants of Stendarr can also cure your diseases, just engage in conversation with them and select the cure disease option. However for lycanthropy and vampirism there are unique quests you must complete to be cured of these diseases!

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