Top 10 Best PS3 games of 2011

The PlayStation 3 gaming console of Sony has been setting unprecedented benchmarks in the world of console game for quite some time now. Releasing games that have been mind-boggling for us to play and experience. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Best PS3 Games for 2011 that have each had their own reasons for topping sales and providing the gaming world insane amounts of entertainment and amazement.

Number 10 Batman Arkham City:

As the Caped Crusader continues on with his plea to smite the forces of evil that have been wreaking havoc across Arkham City for the longest time. As you are stuck within the confines of this place you are faced to jail and police the likes of Two-Face, Cat Woman, Hugo Strange, and continue on to decimate the forces of evil within the desolate the streets of this city.

Number 9 (RAGE):

Set in an apocalyptic earth, you are one of humanities last hope. After an asteroid has destroyed most of the Earth’s population, the survivors had cast themselves away in pods known as the Arks, dug far beneath the surface of the earth. A very perplexing story unfolds as this First-person shooter game created by ID software, throws you in a world that is dominated by alien life forms that are bent on the extinction of the human race.

Number 8 (The Last Guardian):

The developers of this game have had a knack for creating a game that offers so much in such a little mindset. Shadow of the Colossus, had a fairly simple theme, run around, kill giant things, have fun. Yet it did not fail to impress us in the least. Same is the story with The Last Guardian, this game is about a little boy and his pet beast, something that looks like a Gryffin.

Number 7 (Killzone 3):

Killzone is known for its absurd amounts of detail and how it had been dubbed the unofficial name of “Halo-killer” whether it lives up to that name is a whole different matter in itself. Yet Killzone 3 is a very amazing game to behold as you take on the helghast once again in your bid to destroy them. The game looks great with the smoke and fire effects as if each particle is set apart from itself, the new animations of the melee kills are down-right gore-filled and in the best way possible. Furthermore we now have the option of using, drum-roll please, Jetpacks!! That’s right you can take on the fight to the helghast while using a jetpack, what more can you possibly ask for?

Number 6 (Deadspace 2):

You take on the fight against the Necromorphs in space once again as Isaac Clarke. Dead Space 2 is sure to scare you to goose bumps and sever jumps if you play it with the lights off. The fine refinement in details and graphics since the last installment is just staggering, the game looks great, feels great, and overall has the same mechanics that we come to adore in the Dead Space 1. It’s hard to go wrong with this game after such an amazing set up by the first installment, all Visceral had to do was still leave us guessing as to what might be awaiting us after that next turn to the right.

Number 5 (Infamous 2):

You play a character that has the ability to turn anything on its head, literally. You control matter as if it’s just mere play thing. As was with the first Infamous you carry on with your endeavors keeping in mind about the morality of your decisions. This game is one that will definitely not disappoint; the astonishing fact is that how precise the game play actually is. Calculated choices and decisions on the players part will only make for a better experience in the game.

Number 4 (Resistance 3):

On first glance, the visuals of this game are amazing. Double takes are in order, as history meets an alien invasion and you are part of a world that is besieged by monsters four times your size. So what are you going to do about it? Of course you are going to shoot it in the head and watch as it falls into a crumpled heap of gooey flesh. As the Chimera’s continue on with their onslaught you fight them off as much as you can, offer as much resistance as you can and watch as the dreary and depressing environments instill an anxious feeling of lost hope within you.

Number 3 (Little Big Planet 2):

You are the creator of the game; you decide how everything pans out. This game allows you to do something no other game has ever allowed you to do. Make your own game. You can make your own cut-scenes, your own levels and difficulties and a wide array of objects. The additions of the new gadgets that you can use are just too good to pass up and this is a game that is worth tremendous amounts of entertainment.

Number 2 (Mass Effect 3):

What kind of Top 10 Best PS3 Games list is complete without the addition of Mass Effect 3? The series of Mass Effect has been the best game to ever have been made on the science fiction genre. With a complete story that leaves no strings untied, Mass Effect 3 delivers all and more than we could have hoped for. You are Commander Shepard, humanity is under the thread of annihilation thanks to the Reapers that want to destroy it, and it is your duty to make sure that does not happen.

Number 1 (Uncharted 3):

Uncharted 3 is probably the best game of the PlayStation 3 console of all time. Uncharted 3 is back with everything that we love about this series. The amazing visuals that are just jaw-dropping, the amazing voice-overs and the very easy to absorb story line that comes with the game. This game is a complete package in all aspects, while you’re jumping across buildings or scaling rooftops, or even fighting your foes while the construct around you is ablaze, there is never a dull moment in this game. Surely Uncharted 3 is a game that every PS3 owner MUST have and must play to the full extent of it’s worth.

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