Top 10 Online Games Ever

Online games have always been a sure fire way to kill boredom and time while having fun in a way that others may deem insane. Online games have never had any other purpose but to engage and distract you from what you were doing and give that mouse and keyboard a good clickity-clack. So let us take a look at the top 10 online games you can indulge yourself when there is virtually nothing left to do for you.

10: Loreaon

A role playing game in which you are given a character to level up, gear up and fight against opposition forces. All this can be done by doing quests, gaining fame and all the things that are also very notable in top notch role playing games such as World of Warcraft. Except Loreaon is for free and no you do not need to download anything, it is completely browser based.

9: Tales Runners

An online social fantasy game that is surely good enough to occupy you for quite some time. You get characters and farms that are customizable in many ways, as well as challenging your friends online. What other way to spend your time then socializing with other bored people. Get married and start a happy family in this fantasy world

8: WYD Global

A very intensive massive multiplayer role playing game otherwise known as MMORPG! Forged from the ideas of World of Warcraft this game has a very wide selection of items, upgrades, enchantments as well pitting yourself in guild wars to fight for your faction! Tournaments are held for these guild wars and have their own online rankings!

7: Cosmic Break

A third person shooting game that is strictly player versus player. You will see battles as large as thirty versus thirty players all bent on winning, all bent on getting the most kills, all bent on spilling the most blood, and most of all, bent on getting the most notoriety. A very fast paced game to say the least, play this game and be ready for amazing amounts of carnage.

6: Luna Online

Another role playing game that is offered on a browser basis. Luna Online allows you to create a customizable character, gear it up and fight alongside the factions of the dwarves, night-elves and humans to thwart the forces of evil that have take control of the lands.

5: Dragonica

A very intense MMORPG game that allows for four main classes to be played, The Magician, The Thief, The Fighter, and The Archer. These main classes are subject to branching off in to other areas of expertise, such as how the Fighter can turn into a paladin.

4: Get Amped 2

Players seek high levels of customization to the game they play. Get Amped 2 allows just that, as everything in this game is subject to customization, and when I say everything, I mean everything. Yet in the end the aim of the game is simple, annihilate your enemy in any way possible.

3: Aika

This game has the traditional role playing game elements such as leveling up through questing, and gaining more powerful weapons through item crafting. However it has more to offer in player versus player standards with battles that can rise to 1000 versus 1000 people.

2: Rift: Planes of Telara

Another MMORPG game in which you set out on a mission to prevent the world from being utterly destroyed. Thousands upon thousands of players are seen online on this game and it there ultimate goal to save the world from being destroyed by the rifts that cause planetary invasion.

1: Might and Magic Heroes Kingdom

A browser game that offers so much in so little with all aspects of player versus player as well as player versus enemy. It forces players to be tactical about their judgments as well as precise in their actions. A must play MMORPG for anyone looking for a good time.

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