Top 10 Xbox 360 Games of 2011

Here’s the list of the Top 10 best Xbox 360 Games in 2011. Microsoft having unveiled the Xbox 360 years ago had completely changed how we saw the world of console gaming as a whole. The Xbox 360 is able to dish out amazing graphics, working at amazing speeds so those loading screens we had always come to hate have now all but gone to oblivion. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Xbox 360 games of 2011.

10- Gears of War 3:

A game that has engraved its amazing scenarios of desperation in to our minds. Gears of War has always been known for the immense amount of brutality it depicts and the very unique 3rd person shooter display it works on. In Gears of War 3 you are still fighting against the locust as well as a new enemy, the Lambent. However, the women of Gears of War 3 that were not allowed to take up gears have now also joined the fighting in aiding you against the vile forces that have besieged the planet.

9- Dead Space 2:

Lost in the confines of space, Isaac Clarke and the space freaks that are his opponents find this the only place they can call home. The amount of horror that surrounds you in this game is very daunting. The game instills emotions of terror within the player and you find it hard sometimes to play this game without the lights on.

8- L.A Noire:

As World War II comes to an end, you are set into a world where laws have been uprooted from there very manifestation. Rockstar has been well known to make games in which you play the vigilante, the outlaw, the man who does not have a sense of justice. Though in this game you are a self-righteous officer and war veteran that is vigorously working on the duty of eliminating the seeds of corruption.

7- Child of Eden:

Child of Eden is a very interactive game as you make hand movements to control the situations in the game. Switching between firing schemes requires a simple clap of the hands or triggering a bomb requires you to throw your hands in the air as if you are at a rock concert. To its credit this game is very innovative advancement to how sensor games work, and it is very accurate to say the least.

6- Deus Ex: Human Revolution

In this game you play as a character name Adam Jensen, who should have been dead but is still living thanks to the medical advancements of bio-synthetic technologies of the future. Adam Jensen is not merely a human anymore but has become one of the deadliest weapons known to man. You gain a wide array of abilities that allow you to thwart the forces that work against you. Jensen’s abilities can be enhanced and forged to become even more deadly. The abilities are split up into four different categories; stealth, social, hacking and combat. It is up to the player on how he would like to progress on his characters abilities allowing for a vast arrangement of tactics and play styles.

5- RAGE:

The world as we know it has ended, after a catastrophic impact of an asteroid on the earth’s surface, humans have gained refuge in pods known as Arks, that have been dug far underground. As humanity comes back to the surface they realize that the world is nothing more than a wasteland and new hostile alien life-forms scour the land. Through a first person perspective you go through an experience of arduous survival using any means necessary to make sure that you live another day.

4- Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim

Elder Scrolls has always been a game that has fascinated the RPG world with its immense vastness and beautiful landscapes. However not much is known about this new installment that is set to release in November but we are more sure than ever that this game will not disappoint. The game takes place in a northern region known as Skyrim, where the effects of the winter linger on for eternity, and home to new monsters to make sure you do not continue on with your journey. Bethesda hopefully will not keep up with the bugs that had riddled the previous installments and make this game a more satisfying experience than ever before.

3- Portal 2:

Now taking on the persona of a monster, you continue on with the crazy puzzles and addicting brain teasers as before. With a new legendary Portal gun that gives you more options to deal with and a wide new array of game play mechanics, Portal 2 looks to be an amazing game. An entirely new co operative system is also being introduced so you can experience and taste the wonders of Portal 2 alongside with a friend.

2- Batman Arkham City:

Batman Arkham city is set in the same in a very haunting Arkham City in which you control Batman himself. The game has many new mechanics that had not been experienced before. As the Batman you use the shroud of darkness to gain the upper-hand on your opponents in every which way possible. As the residents of the Arkhum Asylum run rampant unleashing there havoc, it is your duty as the Batman to put them back in there original place.

1- Mass Effect 3:

Mass Effect has always been the biggest name in science-fiction gaming ever since the release of Mass Effect 1. Mass Effect 2 added to the amazing charisma and experience of the game, and now Mass Effect 3 has blown everyone out of the water. Mass Effect 3’s story line picks up where Mass Effect 2 drops it as you are still Commander Shepard fighting against the plague known as the Reapers. As everything in the world of Mass Effect 3 has broken down, all human life is set to be annihilated and the only one who can prevent that is Commander Shepard and his band of worthy of comrades. The weapon upgrades and insane armor enhancements are all still there as you take on to killing the Reapers with the utmost of ease, and at times with the most painstaking of difficulty. There is no doubt why Mass Effect 3 is at the top of the list of the Top 10 Best Xbox 360 games of 2011.

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