Top 5 Best Vaporizer Maintenance Tips

If you have invested in your health by buying a best vaporizer to enjoy your herbs, you need to invest some time taking care of it so you get maximum use and enjoyment out of your unit. With proper care and routine maintenance, your vaporizer can give you many years of use.

In addition, vaporizer maintenance can help prevent malfunctioning of your unit and keeping it clean can increase the enjoyment and enhance the flavor you get from vaporizing your herbs. As with all products, you want to follow manufacturer’s guidelines for routine maintenance but there are some tips that all manufacturer’s suggest you follow.

What Is A Proper Vaporizer Maintenance Routine?

It is a routine designed to help you clean your unit and maximize its vaporizing potential. Included in this routine are the following steps:

  • Clean your mouthpiece after every use. Once the unit has cooled, remove the mouthpiece. Using a toothpick, poke out any herb pieces that may be stuck in the pipe. Then, soak the mouthpiece in ninety one percent Isopropyl alcohol overnight or until the piece is free from sticky herbal residue. Then give the mouthpiece a thorough rinse to avoid an unpleasant alcohol sting when you next use your vaporizer.
  • Clean the heating plate or element after every use. Use a small brush to clear herbal residue from the heating element and then use a cotton swab lightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol to clean the heating element. Then wipe the element with the corner of a clean dry paper towel to dry it off. Wait awhile before using your unit to avoid a flavor blast of rubbing alcohol.
  • Clean the screen. There is a small screen between the mouthpiece and heating element that can become clogged with debris. When this happens getting a good draw off your vaporizer is difficult and vaporizing is less effective. Remove the screen and clear debris with a toothpick and then by soaking it in rubbing alcohol. Rinse the screen well and return to the unit when dry.
  • Wipe down the outside of the unit with a warm, damp, soft microfiber cloth. Keeping the outside of the unit clean will help prevent it from becoming sticky, unattractive or scratched.
  • Keep your vaporizer in a safe place when not in use. keep you vaporizer in a protective shell or pouch if it is a portable unit. Dropping a unit, crushing a unit by laying things on top of it in a drawer or in your bag can cause it to break. If your unit is not portable, designate a space where you can keep it and it will be safe from falls, spills, theft or other damage.

Why Should I Perform Vaporizer Maintenance?

Taking care of your vaporizer will pay off with hours of enjoyment and use. Be sure you follow manufacturer guidelines and perform these routine maintenance tasks and your vaporizer will give you consistently clean, clear draws and will help you maximize the power and potency of your herbs.

When you see how easy it is to clean and maintain your unit and experience the payoff with a good, clean vape, you will understand the importance of maintaining your unit and will do it faithfully after each vaporizing session.

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