Bluetooth SIG Adopted Bluetooth 4.0, Low Energy Consumption

The Bluetooth SIG finally has made announcement that they officially get adopted the Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0. So there is good news for consumers the major of v4.0 over the v3.0 will consume very low energy. The Bluetooth SIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group) now fasten it’s seat belts to improve Bluetooth products to the version 4.0 specification that we have discussed earlier and the gadget or device that needs for Bluetooth 4.0 support would be expected at the end ofthis year

The new Bluetooth has many electrifying features, the one that might amazed everyone is low power consumption most of the bluetooth device consumes much power but with the help of newer version the users may use for quite so long due to this improvement.

Lower power consumption must be an added advantage for consumers and vendor both. Bluetooth SIG gave an statement in which they claimed that it lasts for years on standard coin-cell batteries.
Another advantage for the consumers that it is very low in cost.

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