A List Of The Best Apple Laptops

Apple produces a line of computers that consumers have grown to love and become loyal supporters of. It seems that once a PC user tries out a Mac computer, they’re hooked, and every computer they purchase from that day forward is a Mac rather than a PC. The reason that Macs have become so popular is because they have innovative technology that leads the computer industry. In addition to their innovation, these computers are durable and long lasting, less susceptible than PCs to virus attacks, and they are powerful machines especially suited to those who do artistic work, such as web designers, graphic designers, photographers, and other artists.

If you’re in the market for a new Apple laptop, there are many that you can choose from, but it can become a little hard to decide. These laptops don’t come cheap, so you should save up ahead of time if you don’t have the money readily available to purchase one, keeping in mind that these laptops are much more expensive than your typical Windows-based laptop. Below are some of the best laptops available from the Apple brand. Find local or online retailers to shop for the best deal once you decide which laptop suits your needs best.

MacBook Air – 13”

The 13” MacBook Air is a great laptop for any student or working individual who needs a reliable laptop that they can take with them to school and work and back home again. This lightweight laptop comes in at just 3lbs, yet its 13-inch screen is perfect for viewing websites, artwork, videos, and more. You wouldn’t know it by looking at it, but this thin little laptop also carries a lot of power to handle everything from general internet browsing and staying connected with friends to gaming. Though this laptop doesn’t come with an optical drive or Ethernet port, it does come with a long battery life and responsive keyboard and track-pad that stand out from the competition.

MacBook Air – 11”

For a more affordable and more basic version of the MacBook Air, go with the 11” version, which is perfect for everyday computing needs, including basic gaming, web surfing, emailing, and more. The base model comes with a 64 GB drive that should be sufficient for most, but may be too little space for professionals who rely on their laptops for more extensive projects. For the average student or home user, though, the MacBook Air is a reliable and durable laptop that they can hold onto for years to come.

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is really a laptop at the high end of the market, and its price tag will prove that. Its 15-inch retina display is powerful and vibrant and unlike any other you have experienced on laptops before. This is, by far, the best Apple laptop available and probably the best laptop on the market, regardless of brand. Making an investment into this laptop will allow you to do just about anything, especially if you are a creative and artistic individual. Though it lacks an Ethernet port and optical drive, most users have absolutely no complains.

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