Laptops under $300 – How to Secure the Cheapest Deals on the Best Models

Can you really get good laptops under $300? Yes, you can get a great device at a super affordable price. In fact, the task is not difficult at all. You simply need some practical advice on what to look for and guidance on how to secure the best deals. Stop dreaming of a great cheap laptop. Get one now.

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Specs and Technical Requirements

The fact that you want to get a cheap device does not mean that you should put up with poor quality. You have to have an idea of what specs to look for so that the machine meets your minimum requirements. Generally, there is no point in investing in a model which will not be useful to you no matter how low its price is.

The main features of laptops under $300 which you should consider are:

Processor – You should aim for getting a card with a dual-core processor at least. This will ensure that data will be processed quite quickly and there will be no slowdowns when you are running applications. It is best if you check the actual clock speed of the processor. Anything above 1.3 GHz would be good. If you can get a laptop with a CPU running at a speed of over 1.6 GHz this would be great.

Graphics card – The card should have decent performance in terms of colors, sharpness and dynamics. If you are looking for gaming laptops under $300, you should consider models with a higher quality card which offers improved performance. You should some research before you make a decision.

Hard drive – You should search for the inexpensive laptop which offers the largest possible hard drive space to ensure that you will be able to use the device optimally at all times. The models in the range under $300 typically have hard drive of 100 to 250GB. Hence, you should aim for 250GB. If you can get a device with hard disk space of 300GB or larger, this would be great.

RAM – The size of the memory is really important as well since it will determine how the laptop will perform and how effectively you will be able to use different types of software. You will probably be able to get the best deals on models with DDR2 and DDR3 RAM, but if you plan to use the device for gaming, you should consider looking for GDDR3. When it comes to RAM size, anything above 2GB will be acceptable. If you will need to use the device more frequently, you should consider searching for a model with 4GB of RAM or greater.

Display – If you plan to use the device primarily for basic tasks, you can go for a model with a 10-inch display. If you plan to perform work tasks, you should look for laptops under $300 with 12-inch display or larger. A gaming device should have a display of 15-inches at least. When it comes to resolution, the general requirement is 1024 by 600 pixels. Anything above it would be brilliant.

● Battery Life The battery should last for at least 5 whole hours with regular activity. If you can get a laptop for under $300 with battery life of over 7 hours this would be a great deal.

Operating System and Software

OS or No OS

If you choose to buy just the hardware, you can easily find superb laptops under $300. However, they will be useless without an operating system. This means that you will need to look for a deal on the software as well. Free trials are available, but they are typically only for developers and businesses. That is why you may get a better deal if you go for a full package.

Which OS

Since you want a cheap laptop, you have two main options. You can go for the predecessor of the latest OS which you like. For instance, you can choose Windows 7 over Windows 8. It is true that you will not get the cool new colorful tiles, but you will have effectively performing software for less. Alternatively, you can go for a device with an operating system which makes its market debut. That way, you can save on both the software and the hardware via the promotional deal.


There are several brands known for offering laptops under $300. You should certainly focus your attention on their models. This will make finding deals and choosing the right model easier.

ASUS – This brand offers both mini and standard sized notebooks at low prices. You can expect sufficient hard drive space and RAM and well performing and reliable processor. The screen resolution may not be top notch, but it will be quite good.

Acer – This brand is known for offering durable and reliable laptops with a lot of muscle. You can readily find a cheap model with dual-core processor, 3GB RAM and hard disk space of over 250GB. The Aspire series has some of the top picks which give best value for money.

Toshiba – This brand offers several laptops under $300 as well. You can expect good specs, excellent performance and perfect reliability.

HP – As you know, this brand offers a huge variety of portable computers to cater to anyone’s needs. Their low-cost models have very good features like dual-core processor with speed of 1.66 GHz and hard drive space of 250GB.

Dell – This brand is making steps into the cheap laptop niche as well. It has several affordable models.

Shopping Tips

Stay informed – You should sign up to get updates on the deals which all leading stores in your area offer. The same applies to online stores as well.

Shop around – You will certainly find the best deal if you compare a large number of different offers from different stores.

Be flexible – You should certainly go for a cheap laptop which does not meet your requirements exactly, if the deal is perfect. In most cases, it is perfectly possible to upgrade to greater hard drive space or RAM for a small extra cost in the future.

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