Why Should I Choose A Compaq Laptop?

Choosing a Compaq laptop will certainly be as a result of careful comparisons of other laptop models currently available. Of course, there are many expensive models available that provide a wide array of features. However, assuming that the laptop must perform well under varying circumstances, the Compaq laptop makes a wise choice due to its design characteristics. HP, who is now manufacturing Compaq, understands that many people are loyal to the brand and expect the same or better quality at all times.

Compaq Laptop

Compaq Laptop

Compaq introduced their first product, The Compaq Portable, in 1982. Since that time, and up until HP acquired the company in 2002, Compaq was considered in many ways, an innovative leader in the industry. So much so, that they even outsold Apple during the early years. The Compaq name is well respected in the industry and is now proudly part of the HP line. This fact has helped perpetuate the Presario line, which was another well-known Compaq product.


Compaq made a smart choice in deciding to equip their motherboards with the impressive AMD processor. Unlike Intel, AMD chips are built purely for speed. A point to consider when discussing the differences between the Intel processor and AMD is that while the published speed of the Intel is faster, the AMD processor is more efficient. In terms of speed, this efficiency means that the AMD processor will execute instructions in less time and without sluggish performance. This can be attributed to the fact that AMD is known for the ease in which the processor can be over-clocked to increase the processing speed. AMD does not, of course, make a point of advertising this fact. But those who are inclined to squeeze every last bit of speed from their processor, the AMD fits the bill. This fact alone attracts many buyers simply due to the fact that laptops are notoriously slower than their desktop counterparts.


Perhaps what made Compaq a leader was their ability to develop units faster and more economically than their competitors. This, in part, was accomplished by legally reverse-engineering the IBM computer. Because IBM used mainly off-the-shelf components, patent infringements were not an issue with regard to hardware or design. This freed up Compaq to max out their motherboards with the latest and fastest hardware additions available anywhere. What’s more, Compaqs provide expansion slots on their motherboards so the notorious limitations of some motherboards are a thing of the past.


A major advantage to using AMD over Intel is the cost of the processor. This difference alone helps to keep the overall cost of the unit lower than many of its counterparts. Add to that the use of non-proprietary components, the excellent performance of the Compaq at a very reasonable price makes the Compaq laptop a very attractive choice.

The Compaq laptop’s ability to suit the savvy buyer will not disappoint. Compaq/HP offers new, rebranded machines at very reasonable prices with 64 bit processors, Windows 8 standard, and processing speeds in the 2+ GHz range with 4GB ram installed. They round out the laptop with a 320GB/5400 rpm hard drive.

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