Here’s 3 Ways Android Can Make Housework Fun

None of us really like doing housework. Often times it seems we cannot even keep up with it all. When we do finally get around to it we are not organized as we need to be. We become frustrated at what we have to do and we just try to rush through it. Of course if we feel this way about housework, then there is a good chance we will seek to avoid it. Putting it off is not going to make it go away though.

The trash is not going to take out itself. The laundry is not going to jump into the washing machine. The kitchen floor is not going to mop itself. What people need is way to make doing housework fun. It becomes fun when you can make a game out of it or just know you can easily knock out tasks.

Android can help. Any device that has access to Android marketplace will be able to go on and purchase some pretty awesome apps to help make housework much more fun than it is now. In fact a lot of the apps are not going to cost you a dime. Following are three really powerful apps for Android that will really have you looking forward to doing housework, because they make getting starting so easy and getting done so rewarding.

1.) The Clean My House App for Android

Right now you might be having trouble keeping your house clean and organized because what you have to do just seems to overwhelming. In some cases you just will not have the motivation to get up and do what needs to be done. Getting up to do dishes or laundry will seem like the require you to have the energy of a jack rabbit. But with the Clean My House app from Android you can make your job easier. This app is made for those who are very busy and feel very drained when it comes time to do work.

What this app does is it provides you with a hypnosis sessions so you can get yourself in the right frame of mind to clean the house. It only takes a short time. The goal is to get you started so you can build up energy as you go. After a while you will not need to rely on the hypnosis anymore. In the meantime though it is perfect for those who just fine that getting housework done makes they want to do anything but.

2.) The Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule

Who else would know more about cleaning up a house then working parents? These are the people who know more about what it takes to juggle a busy lifestyle and take care of home more than anyone. What Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule does is it makes use of a divide and conquers approach to getting housework done. The reason this is so important is because it helps people to prioritize housework. You can decide to focus on the easiest ones or the hardest ones first, whichever you feel would help get you to work.

The goal of this app for Android though is to break down all your housework into small pieces and then focus on doing an item or two each day. You will be able to check off an item you completed on the list and it will show you how many days it has been since you last did something. Once you complete all the tasks this advances the rotation. When this happens you will be able to put together less frequent tasks in the every 2/4/8 rotation sections.

3.) Helpful House Hints for Android

Sometimes you might not have any trouble getting started doing housework. Sometimes you are just looking for a better way to do things. You want information. You want tips and methods to help you be as effective as possible. Well with the Helpful Hints app for Android you can get access to all the clever ideas for your house and home you will need. Contained within this app is a plethora of helpful hints, tips and tricks all presented in a very simple to use format. These are going to help people accomplish choirs around the house much better and quicker.

This app is able to do a lot for the person who has a lot of housework they have to perform on a constant basis. First of all it is able to provide you with a lot of quick fixes and shortcuts. However, it also provides you with a lot of environmentally friendly alternatives to frequently used household products you might be using. These are going to be safer for the environment, you and your family. You will definitely appreciate this app for Android.

The fact of the matter is that Android has a lot of useful applications you can get that will help make housework fun for you. Even if you still do not enjoy doing it, you will have an easier time getting started and finishing through. It is important that you find a way to make housework fun though instead of looking at it like it is a miserable tasks or something to be avoided. Android has a marketplace full of whatever you need. All you have to do is search and select the apps you feel will really help you.

If a certain app for Android does not help you the way you think it would, then you can get another one. The investment is cheap. Most of them are free, but the ones that do cost will usually only are about a dollar. Even though a dollar is cheap, you still want to be sure of what you are getting. So take the time to read the reviews and descriptions of different apps designed to help you with housework.

Use the apps mentioned in this article or others you will discover on Android marketplace to help you break your resistance to doing housework on a steady basis.

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