How to Root HTC One X – Detailed Procedure

The HTC One X is classy phone that has a lot to offer for it’s users. However with some tinkering and tweaking the HTC One X can be made to work more efficiently and also be customised to personal preference. To make these changes to the HTC One X you must know how to root your HTC One X. Bear in mind that rooting your phone relinquishes any warranty that it may have. So if you go with a busted phone to an HTC outlet, you will be sent packing.

In rooting the HTC One X your lives have been made easier by HTC itself which released an unofficial bootloader for anyone who wants to root their smartphone. The HTC One Xl and XL plus can also be rooted using this bootloader. However before starting the rooting process one should take a few precautions in case something goes wrong.


Backup your data

It is important that you understand that the smartphone does seldom malfunction during the rooting process. Thus you would want to backup all your important data such as contacts and phone settings. Songs, movies, apps and games can all be stored on an external medium such as a usb or an sd card.

Keep your phone charged

The worst thing that can happen whilst undergoing a root process is the battery power running out. If such a case arises there is no telling what might have had happened to your phone. So it is important that you keep your phone charged optimally, or at least above 50% before you undergo the rooting process.

After these precautions have been taken we can now go over how the HTC One X can be rooted.

Rooting Process:

Accessing your bootloader

To access the bootloader for the HTC One X you will need to access the HTC site where HTC has provided the unofficial bootloader. You will also be required to be registered with the HTC Dev. Upon reaching the website, select the “All Other Supported Models” in the drop down panel of “select your device”. The HTC One X does not have an individual directory of as yet. After you have done this, follow the directions that are provided here.

Download important files

There are numerous ways to root your HTC One X, however the easiest known method is to download the root file from the following link here. The file will be in a compressed format and essentially useless until the contents are extracted. By using WinRAR or WinZip, extract the files and place them in an easily accessible location on your computer.

Plug in your phone

After the files are extracted, you will need to plug in your smartphone to your computer via the data cable you received upon purchase of the phone.

Enable charge mode and usb debugging

For the rooting process to occur you will need to make sure that the files will be able to do their job. To enable usb debugging, go into your setting options then Select Developer Options and then make sure that USB debugging is checked. After which slide down your notification tab and select USB connection type and set it to charge only. After this is done you are ready to root your phone.

Running the files

After all of the above directions are done, you will need to run the files that you had previously downloaded and extracted. Find the extracted folder and run the respective file in accordance to your operating system, for windows you will need to run the root.bat; for Linux,; for Mac,

If everything has been done correctly the scripting will start itself. Do not be alarmed if your HTC One X restarts several times. The rooting process requires numerous reboots and once the scripting is complete your HTC One X will have been rooted!

Any Problem?

If you having any problem in the rooting process of HTC One X then don’t hesitate to use the comment box below and ask suggestions/questions about your specific problem.

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