How To Root LG Thrill

Root LG Thrill – Complete Method:

Rooting in itself holds many advantages for the user of any smart phone. Rooting is a phone is like unlocking all the potentials of the smart phone, “lagging” becomes a thing of the past and every one of your processes are under your control, not the phones. Rooting allows you to customize your phone to your every wish. It is possible to delete apps that come in your phone by default. However be aware of the fact that you yourself are responsible and liable in the case anything happens to your phone during or after the process of rooting though the chances of that very minimal. Now let us take a look at the necessities you should fulfill before setting out to root your LG Thrill!


First of all the risk of losing data during the rooting process is very minimal, however never take the chance and create a back up of the data in your smart phone. Make sure that your phone battery is at least fifty percent full. Also make sure that your phone does not turn off in between the process. Also be aware that in the process of rooting your MMS and APN settings can get deleted, so you have to back them up manually as well. Both the MMS and APN settings can be backed up from , Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. Once you are done with all these preparations you are ready to root your LG Thrill!

Rooting the LG Thrill:

Remember that rooting your phone will make your warranty void and un-rooting the phone will bring your warranty back. Having said that, the first thing you need to do to root your LG Thrill is to download SuperOneClick, it can be found easily all over the internet from any forum or blog site. Unzip SuperOneClick and save it to your desktop. After having done that, download and install Android drivers to your computer system. After which you have to plug in your LG Thrill and make sure your USB Debugging option is checked. To enable USB Debugging you must go to Settings > Applications > Development and tick mark the USB debugging option. After having done so launch SuperOneClick.exe which can be found in the folder you extracted on to your desktop. Once that is done, the desktop tool of SuperOneClick should be open, and now you have to click on the ROOT button and wait whilst the process is completed. When the rooting is completed, you will not be prompted to restart your device, you will have to do so yourself. Once your LG Thrill has restarted, the Super User should be present on your home screen, if it not, redo the root. After you have successfully verified your root, reconfigure your APN and MMS settings which you had backed up before. Once done with that, you are completely ready to use your rooted LG Thrill smart phone!

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