How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 on Android 4.1.2 XXMC8 Jelly Bean

The galaxy ace 2 is a perky and great addition to the Samsung smartphone lineup, hence it comes as no surprise that the demand to rooting it is also substantial. Rooting is a process which allows the user to gain complete control over their smartphone. It also allows for the usage of root compliant apps which are not available for a device that isn’t rooted. Rooting also allows a user to code his or her phone to their own personal preference. However it should be made clear that rooting your phone will nullify the device of any warranty that it may hold, and that any damage done to your phone while undertaking the rooting process is completely your responsibility. Before we get into the actual rooting process, we will need to go over some precautions that you will have to make to get your phone ready for the rooting process.

Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2


1: Install your phones USB drivers onto your computer and also make sure that the USB debugging option is activated on your device. To activated USB debugging go to Menu, then settings, then applications, then click on developer options and make sure that USB debugging is activated.

2: Make sure that your device is charged to at least 80%. If your Galaxy Ace 2 turns off for any reason during the rooting process, the chances of your device getting bricked greatly increase.

3: Back up all of your important data because the phone will be wiped clean. If you are using CWM, you can use that to create your backup file.

4: The rooting files that will be used only work for the Galaxy Ace 2 working on the 4.1.2 XXMC8 Jelly Bean firmware. Do make sure that your model number and firmware are correct before starting the rooting process.

5: Make sure that you have installed ClockworkMOD on to your device.

6: Download the root file from the following here.

Once all of these precautions have been met we can now begin the rooting process!

Rooting Process:

Step 1: Connect your device to your computer via your USB cable, once again make sure that USB debugging is on. Now copy the downloaded root file onto the SD card of your Galaxy Ace 2.

Step 2: Disconnect your device from the computer and now proceed to entering your phone into recovery mode. You can do this by turning off your phone then pressing the volume up, home and power keys all at once.

Step 3: Once you have successfully entered into recovery mode, find the “apply update from external storage “ and then select that option using the power button.

Step 4: Now navigate to the root file that you just placed into your SD card and select it using the power button. Make sure that the installation has begun by accepting all prompt messages.

Step 5: Wait for the process to complete and once it does, return to recovery mode and select the “Reboot device” option.

Once your device successfully reboots you will be using a rooted Galaxy Ace 2!

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