How to Root Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 – Easy Steps

After the great success of Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy S2 which is also knows as Samsung Galaxy S i9100. Samsung Galaxy S2 having processor of 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, Adreno 220 GPU, Qualcomm MSM8660 chipset with 1 GB of RAM.


XDA Developers has launched many exciting ROMS and mods for Samsung Galaxy S2 which takes Samsung Galaxy S2 to the new experience level, in other words the more customising level. Though to take the benefit of this, you will have to root your Samsung Galaxy S2.

Procedure To Root Samsung Galaxy S2:

Points to be Noted Before Proceeding:

  1. You may brick your phone, if the instructions will not follow carefully.
  2. Warranty will be void by rooting the device but you can get it back by unrooting the phone.
  3. Downloads all needed Tools/software.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S2 should had updated to the latest firmware XWKDD.
  5. Battery of the phone had charged properly atleast to the half level.
  6. You may lost the device data, so make a backup of all the data like messages, call history, pictures etc before rooting process.
  7. Save the APN Setting, it will be needed after the root process to surf the internet again.
  8. The updated USB driver of device should be installed on system to communicate properly with the device.

Tools Needed:

  1. ODIN Downloader (Download it from here)
  2. USB Data Cable
  3. XWKDD Kernel (Don’t extract it after download, it will use in the Odin process)
  4. Download SuperOneClick
  5. Download Samsung’s KIES 2.0 (Download links: Link1 , Link2 )
  6. And Ofcourse, A Personal Computer(PC) or Laptop.


  • Step one: First of all make sure that you have download and install all the needed software. Then, Put device in USB debugging mode: Settings ->Applications -> Development -> USB debugging.
  • Step Two: Reboot your device in the download session mode. To get enter in the download mode of Samsung Galaxy S2, switched off the device and turn it on again by holding Volumedown button + Home button and Power button simultaneously. You will surely reach to the download mode. You can get yourself confirm by identifying same as below mention picture as on your phone screen.

Galaxy s2 Downloading mode

  • Step Three: Open the ODIN Downloader which you had downloaded and installed it on your pc.
  • Step Four: Now, with the help of USB Cable connect the device to the computer while keeping the Odin open then wait for the few seconds then odin notified you that the device is connected to the computer. Select the checkboxes next to “Auto reboot” and “F. Reset Time” and kept default else options. After all this, press “PDA” Button and select the XWKDD_insecure.tar file which you have downloaded on your pc before. Now Press “Start” button, after this pressing the start button ODIN will flash the kernel and after flashing it phone will reboot. Becareful, don’t dare to disattach the device from computer while rebooting.

Odin Downloader

  • Step Five: Once the device has been restarted, Open SuperOneClick and press the “Root” tab and restart the device again. After it, you will successfully rooted the your Samsung Galaxy S2 device.

The Rooting process has been completed here and now you can gain benefits of using custom roms and apps of Samsung Galaxy S2 without any hesitation or restriction.

If you will find any issues in rooting your Samsung Galaxy S2 then you can get help by asking questions in the comment section available below.

37 Responses to “How to Root Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 – Easy Steps”

  1. mari says:

    how can I know that my device has been rooted

  2. Sandeep says:

    why wont Odin start on my laptop?

    • Anjum Hashir says:

      Odin Software given here is working properly. Make sure that your laptop does’nt contain any kind virus(.exe). I think this is the only cause that Odin does’nt start on your laptop.

  3. jamie smith says:

    i tried to do this but after hittin start
    it said failed in the corner
    i didnt know what to do then
    so i unplugged it and had to pop the batt out to turn off
    now the phone seems to work fine but i cant connect to

  4. Muggas says:

    hello does the XWKDD tar file work for all different kernel devices my device has kernel BVKG3…. Will it work ok?
    Thanks for any answers

  5. Jre1393 says:

    which super one click version am i to downlaod? :/

  6. vvffh says:

    hi my sgs2 doesn’t connect to my vista laptop. but I see my SAMSUNG_android with a yellow triangle. And can see everything I DOWNLOADED in it as well. It’s asking me to insert some cd.

    Is my device connected or what?

  7. H Otooel1 says:

    SuperOneClick got as far as Step 6 and now nothings happening. Do I start panicking yet?

  8. Hussamnt says:

    hello does the XWKDD tar file work for all different kernel devices my device has kernel GDZKH5…. Will it work ok?

  9. Dontcwhatic says:

    why do my super one click showing not responding after i clicked on root

  10. milkyman says:

    my kernel version is [email protected]#2 will it work?

  11. Conrad says:

    My Samsung Galaxy S i1900 doesn’t reboot when I hit “start” in the Odin software. Any suggestions??

  12. Alishan Aziz says:

    Super Click One Not responding!! Have I bricked my phone???

  13. Afnan Witsel says:

    how long the reboot take time?

  14. Ananta Bajgain says:

    where will i find xwkdd_insecure.tar

  15. gurjinder singh says:

    my s2 gti9001 is nt responding at all… nthing happens, screeen remains blank when i try to get it into downlding or recovery mode…DIS IS WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED WHEN I WAS FLASHING MY PHONE..

    1-i got into dwnloading mode
    2-tried flashing it with odin
    3-odin stopped with message that choose the PIT file again.
    4- i realised dat i choose the wrong PIT file..
    5-i jst simply unplugged the phone from usb n my pc, thought i would repeat d process again wid d correct PIT file
    6-but when i tried again my phn didnt respond at all …

    what should i do??it doesnt go into downloading n recovery mode…..plese help …

    anyone wid any solution,,,,PLEASE HELP..

  16. Filip says:

    After “Step Four”, my device does not restart and it hang up at the Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 Logo whit the yellow triangle. What’s not right?

    • Search and download this kernel file “CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_LP1-v5.2-CWM5.tar”. So, in that way you can install new custom rom and your phone will definitely reboot normally.

  17. India says:

    Hi, I’m stuck in a boot loop how can i get this recovered or how do I go back to stock? I tried the cf root but it did nothing (blank screen) for my phone.

    Thank you, I really appreciate your help.

  18. sazzad says:

    I also tried with “CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_LP1-v5.2-CWM5.tar” but no result same yellow triangle then black screen.
    I need the solution urgently, please help me.

  19. sazzad says:

    I also tried with “SuperICS gti9000” one but same result. yellow triangle then nothing. I like to inform one thing that is while working with super click this is showing “Autometic version check failed. Is your OS version 2.0 or higher? At this time I am hitting “yes”.
    Please advise-

  20. Mark says:

    I Do all Step That You Tell Me..but when Samsung Galaxy S2 Logo take sooooo long at that logo..what i did wrong..please help..all i do is correct…after 1 hour..i cant stand it anymore..then i take USB cable off then do the step again…dont tell me i break my phone -_- HELP 🙁

    • Anjum Hashir says:

      Please try to install fresh kernel may be your problem will be solve by installing the custom rom.

  21. sazzad says:

    I tried with many many one, finally I found one but this is showing another thing that is ” clockworkMod recovery v4.0.0.2″ with its options. Please help me what to do—–