How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 – Easy Guide

Samsung’s innovation in recent years has been mind blowing, and the same can be said about the Samsung Galaxy S4! The latest giant in the Samsung smartphone lineup, the Samsung Galaxy S4 packs quite a punch and is sure worth the price tag. However let us rooting enthusiasts not forget that even the Samsung Galaxy S4 is not perfect without a properly implemented root. Rooting allows a user unhindered access into a smartphones coding and mainframe. This basically lets the user gain pure administrator rights over his phone, making him able to customize his smartphone to his every need! Another incentive to rooting is the large amount of amazing apps that work only on a smartphone with a functioning root!

However when it comes to rooting Samsung devices, the overall process is just a tad bit trickier considering that all the different variants of cellular service providers and models have different difficulty levels incorporated with them. It should also be made clear that rooting your phone nulls any warranty that it may have, and any damage that may occur to your phone during the process is completely your responsibility. Having made that clear let us indulge in some necessary precautions to prevent bricking your phone.

Root Samsung Galaxy S4

Root Samsung Galaxy S4


 1: Backup all your personal and phone settings data to a reliable medium such as a hard drive or USB. You can save your contacts on your SIM card and use any of the vast number of text backup apps to save your text messages.

 2: Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S4 is charged to at least 80% before starting the actual rooting process. If for any reason the smartphone turns off during the rooting process, the likelihood of bricking your device increases.

 3: You will also need to make sure that USB debugging has been enabled on your device and that you have properly installed the USB drivers of your smartphone to your computer.

4: Make sure to download the following files before starting the actual rooting process from here. Once downloaded, extract the file to your desktop!

You’re ready to begin the rooting process for your phone now.

Rooting process:

Step 1: Connect your smartphone via USB cable to your computer.

Step 2: Locate and open the extracted “” file you previously downloaded. Once inside you should be able to locate a “run.bat” file.

Step 3: Execute the Run.bat file and wait for the process to complete.

Step 4: If USB debugging is not activated, your device will now prompt you to activate it, click yes.

Step 5: Once the file has been fully executed you will be prompted to restart your device.

Step 6: After your device has been rebooted you should be able to see a new app in your app drawer called “SuperSU”. This will prove that you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy S4!

Now that you have rooted your device you will gain a much larger access to your devices workings. Make sure to also download NoBloat and Multi Window Manager apps from the play store to bring your Samsung Galaxy S4 to optimal functioning!

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