How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a great tablet which Samsung launched quite some time ago. It improved on the shortcomings of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and also introduced many new things as well. Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 offers great satisfaction considering that you now have full control of this powerhouse tablet. Rooting is one of the best ways to gain administrator access to your device, and to customize your phone in anyway that you please. Rooting also allows you to use a number of apps that you could not use without rooting your phone!

It should be made very clear that rooting your tablet nullifies any warranty that it may have. Any damage that may happen to your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 while rooting it is also completely your responsibility! With that being said lets look at some things we can do to prevent your phone from getting bricked!

Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 2


1: Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging. You can do this by going to menu > settings > application > developer options and then finally toggling the USB debugging option to activate it.

2: Be certain that you have downloaded and installed your devices USB drivers to your computed.

3: Back up all of your important data considering that your phone will be wiped clean. You can use applications such as ClockworkMod to create a backup file for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

4: Charge your tablet to at least 80 percent. The rooting process is lengthy and power consuming for your tablet, and if for any reason your tablet shuts down while the rooting process takes place, the chances of damaging your phone multiply.

5: Download Odin from here and the root file required to root your tablet from here. Once you have downloaded the root zip file, extract it to your desktop.

After you have completely take care of all these precautions we can now finally get into rooting your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2!

Rooting Process

Step 1: You must first put your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 into recovery mode. You can do this by turning off your device then holding the power up, power and home keys down at once.

Step 2: After having entered recovery mode, run the Odin.exe file on your desktop.

Step 3: Connect your device to the computer, and wait for one of the ID:COM boxes to flash yellow to verify that your device has properly been connected.

Step 4: Now in Odin, select PDA and locate the file you previously downloaded and extracted to your desktop. The name of the file will be “”. Once you locate the file, select it.

Step 5: Make sure that only the F.reset and auto reboot options are checked on Odin!

Step 6: Now go ahead and click start on Odin and wait for the rooting process to complete. It takes up to ten minutes for the process to fully complete.

Step 7: Once the process is completed your tablet will reboot automatically.

Congratulations! After having properly rebooted your device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 should now be functioning properly with a root!

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