How to Unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is quite a versatile smartphone in its own right, however the added bonus of unlocking its bootloader may give you unbound options in tweaking and tampering with you phone. Unlocking the bootloader of your smartphone will allow you to flash custom ROM’s, Kernels and recoveries as well. This is handy for Android developers and techies alike. However if this is your first attempt at trying to do this, make sure to take it slow and do everything as it is said.

Using the command prompt to flash files and script codes may seem too hard a task for beginners, however the XDA Developers member, Dingus, created an app called the VZW GS3 EZ-Unlock. This app will allow you to unlock the bootloader of your phone without the use of Odin, or the command prompt and it is very simple to execute.

Be aware that the risks you take by unlocking your smartphones bootloader are clear to you, first off any warranty you may have will be void. Secondly if any damage is to occur to your phone, it is entirely your responsibility.

Before unlocking the bootloader, you must follow some precautions:


Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S3 has already been rooted. Also make sure that you have at least 60% battery power charged up in your smartphone. Lastly you will need to assure that all  your data has been backed up. Your contacts can be saved on the gmail app, your text messages can be saved using the SMS and Backup app, and lastly you can save all of your entertainment files to an external storage media source.

You will also have to download the bootloader unlock app, which you will find here. After having downloaded the file, transfer it to your Samsung Galaxy S3. The file should have a .apk extension and once you find it in your phone, tap it to install. Before installing however make sure that you have “unknown sources” enabled.

Unlocking the bootloader

Once all of the prerequisites are complete you are now ready to unlock the bootloader of your Samsung Galaxy S3. Find the app that you had just recently installed on your phone; VZW GS3 EZ-Unlock. Run the app and it will prompt you with a grant/allow button for access to your root. Accept the query by pressing the unlock button and the unlocking process will begin. Once the process is complete your Samsung Galaxy S3’s bootloader will be unlocked!

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