Top 5 Most Wanted Apps for Android 2013

The Android apps count is growing day by day, having overtaken Apple apps a while ago. With the insanely large amount of apps that are available at the moment it is hard to decipher which ones stand out the most. Very popular apps that have had astronomical download rates have not yet made it to the Android platform, and it would only please Android users if they can see some of these apps on their smartphones. The most wanted android apps of 2013 are as follows:

1 – Tweebot

TweetBot App

TweetBot App

The Tweetbot is a lightweight iPhone app that allows Twitter users to easily retweet, and reply at the swipe of a screen. Android users do not have this app available in the Google Play store and it is a shame considering how well the Android OS can integrate with this lightweight app.

2  – Super Mario Android

Super Mario App

Super Mario App

Super Mario is a household name and is a legend and timeless classic ever since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. After much pressure from the Android President to Nintendo, a Nintendo Spokesman hastily denied any apps to come out for the Android line up.

3  – Nike Android App

Nike Plus App

Nike Plus App

The Nike iOS app has seen a recent hike in download numbers as more and more people want to stay in tune with their smartphone and their fitness. The Nike sensor that tells you how many miles you’ve ran and how fast your heart is beating is truly a great innovation. The added bonus of telling you how many calories you’ve burned in a workout session is also amazing. The number of downloads it would have if it were available on the Android platform would be phenomenal.

4 – Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade App

Infinity Blade App

A game that has generated over 20 millions dollars and is a true wonder in the world of smartphone gaming. Chair Entertainment decided to remain exclusive to Apple in fear of piracy which they might suffer from on Google’s smartphone OS system. However it is still very daunting to see that Infinity Blade is not available for Android users. Even though many games have been released to fill the void in the Android game line up to make up for the absence of Infinity Blade.

5 – Window’s Office

Windows's Office App

Windows’s Office App

Another household name in today’s world, Window’s Office offers a wide array of word documentation, number crunching, presentation based softwares which mostly everyone use. However Window’s Office is not available for the Android platform in the year of 2012. However the only result that seems inevitable if Window’s Office comes to the Android platform is a larger market share for Window’s.

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