Update Galaxy S GT I9000 with Jellybean 4.2.2 Firmware

The Samsung Galaxy S came out years ago and the latest Jellybean 4.2.2 firmware is not officially available for this classic smartphone. However with a customised firmware package Samsung Galaxy S owners can also use the Jellybean 4.2.2 firmware on their devices. The Jellybean 4.2.2 firmware allow for far better options than what was intended for the Samsung Galaxy S, such as widget usage, better camera settings, as well as a more appealing and cleaner appearance. It should be clear to anyone who wants to root their smartphone that by doing so the warranty of your device will be null and void, and if any damage is done to your smartphone it is your own fault for choosing to do so. So let’s divulge in the things you will need to make sure of before starting the update process for your Samsung Galaxy S


First and foremost all of your data must be backed up in case something goes wrong. You can back up all of your data using apps such as the SMS and backup app or saving your contacts to the gmail application. You can also use external storage mediums to backup your songs, videos, and games.

Once you have completed your backup, make sure that your device is charged up to atleast 60%. This is very important because if the device turns off while the updating process is going on, the chance of malfunctions and data loss are very high. You will also have to ensure that the USB debugging option is activated on your phone.

To activate USB debugging go to settings, application, development and then check the USB debugging box. You will also have to ensure that your phone is rooted on the firmware that you are currently using.

Once all of these prerequisites have been accounted for we can begin the actual updating process.

Updating Process

Before starting the rooting process you must make sure that you have downloaded the Jellybean 4.2.2 firmware from here.

You must also download the Google Apps Package from here.

After you have downloaded the files, copy the files in to your smartphone via a usb cable and leave it connected to your computer. Then you must put your Samsung Galaxy S into recovery mode by pressing the volume down key, home key, and power button at once.

Once you have completed the previous steps and are in recovery mode, you will be given a list of options. First you must clear the cache which can be easily found in the list of options in the recovery mode.

Now that you have completed the cache clearing, go back to the recovery menu options and select “Install ZIP from SD card”. The Jellybean 4.2.2 firmware which you had previously downloaded must be your only selection. Once the installation is complete you must repeat the same step for installing the Google Apps package. After installing the Google apps package you have to select the “go back” option, and then finally the “reboot” option.

Now that you have completed all of the steps, your Samsung Galaxy S should properly be updated with the Jellybean 4.2.2 firmware.

5 Responses to “Update Galaxy S GT I9000 with Jellybean 4.2.2 Firmware”

  1. Mohammed says:

    i did everything mentioned above. But the mob is not detecting network after this. The IMEI seems to be gone. WHat should i do?

    • Anjum Hashir says:

      install the previous version again and remove any unauthorized apps and then try to update with this procedure. If your problem will not solve then get back here again we will try resolve your problem.

  2. Brian Fohlmann says:

    I have succesfully updated my i9000 to Jelly bean 4.2.2, but it seems to be eating away the battery life very fast – 50% in under an hour with normal usage.

    • Anjum Hashir says:

      There should be one of app that is conflicting or outdated….please try to find it and remove or upgrade it. I am sure your problem will be solve.

  3. Brian Fohlmann says:

    and charging very slowly…

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