Update Galaxy S3 Mini I8190 to Android 4.1.2 Jellybean XXAMB3 Firmware

The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini is a treat to own and use as well, however if you want to optimize this smart phone to a whole different level, upgrading it to a 4.1.2 firmware is your best bet. Updating the device will give you enhanced options, better customizability as well as a whole new array of setting tweaks. However before trying to upgrade you will need to make sure your OTA matches with the place you bought this phone. In that case you will need to manually upgrade your phone. For those who have the proper OTA can use this tutorial to upgrade their Samsung Galaxy S to Jellybean XXAMB3 4.1.2 firmware.

Before starting the update process you will need to take a series of precautions that are necessary to the success of your upgrade.


First and foremost you will need to back up all of your important data. Use the Nandroid Backup from your custom recovery image to create a backup for your custom ROM. You can save your contacts by syncing them to gmail, you can also save your text message using the SMS and Backup app. Save all of your entertainment media to an external storage device. Also make sure that your phone has been properly rooted.

Once you have properly created a back up you will need to install Odin which you can download from this link , the flashing software that will be required during the updating process. Then you must download the Jellybean XXAMB3 4.1.2 Firmware upgrade. You will also need to ensure that USB debugging is enabled on your smartphone, you can do this by going into settings, then applications, then developer options, where you find the USB debugging option. Make sure the USB debugging box is checked. Make certain that your phone is fully charged, if the battery power runs out during the process it will do major damage to your phone, so make sure your battery is optimally charge. Once all of these prerequisites are done, you are ready to update your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini to the jellybean XXAMB3 4.1.2 firmware.

Updating Process

First extract the update file which you previously downloaded and then run Odin on your computer. Now you have to put your phone into recovery mode which you can do by pressing the volume down, home and power key all at once. Once your Galaxy S3 Mini is in recovery mode, connect your device to the computer via usb cable.

When the device is connected the ID:COM option in Odin should be flashing a distinct yellow color, and an added option will also show up. Once you have confirmed this, make sure the F.Reset and auto reboot boxes are the only ones checked. Now click on PDA and select your update file to let the updating process commence. The upgrading process will complete when Odin gives you a “pass” message. Now reboot your Samsung Galaxy mini S3 and use your upgraded firmware!

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