Update AT&T LG Nitro HD P930 To Android 4.2.2 AOKP Build 6 ROM

The AT&T LG Nitro HD P930 is a great smartphone for enthusiasts to use, and now the AT&T LG Nitro HD P930 can be further upgraded to Android 4.2.2 Jellybean. Many more options, customization perks and visual upgrades will be available in this firmware upgrade. The AOKP custom ROM has made this possible and it is greatly appreciated by everyone who uses an AT&T LG Nitro HD P930. Upgrading the phone using the custom ROM is not a greatly hard task and it can be done by even novice smartphone users.

However we do not hold any responsibility to any damage that may occur to your smartphone during or after the upgrading process. You should be well aware of the risks before starting the upgrading process. Nevertheless if you still decide to continue with the upgrading process, you must make some preparations before the upgrading process itself can start.

Preparing Your Device.

The AT&T LG Nitro HD P930 needs to be rooted for the Custom AOKP ROM to be able to upgrade the phone to Android Jellybean 4.2.2 firmware. You must also assure that all of your important data, such as contacts, text messages and entertainment data have been thoroughly backed up.

You must also install ClockworkMod Recovery to your AT&T LG Nitro HD P930, and also wipe the dalvik cache from the recovery. You must now download two files that are essential in the upgrading process. Download AOKP Build 6 Android 4.2.2 ROM from here, and Google apps from here are two links provided for the files necessary in the upgrading process.

Once you have met all of these prerequisites you may now proceed to the actual upgrading process.

Upgrading the AT&T LG Nitro HD P930

Once both of the files have been downloaded and are located in an easily accessible location such as the desktop, you have to connect your AT&T LG Nitro HD P930 to the computer via USB Cable. Now that your phone is properly connected to the computer transfer both the files to your SD card root! Do not extract the firmware files and transfer the zipped file.

After the previous steps have been completed you have to put your smartphone into recovery mode, you can do this by first turning your phone off then turning your device on while also holding the volume down key and power button. You should now have entered the CWM recovery mode. Once you have entered the CWM recovery mode you have to wipe all the data from smartphone, you can do this using the volume keys to navigate to the “flash zip from SD card” option and hold power to select it.

Now that the phone has been wiped of all data you must navigate to “choose zip from SD card” using the volume keys and select it by holding the power key. Now you must select the zip file that you transferred to your SD card in the previous steps; “Android 4.2.2 ZIP”. Once you have found it, select the file and a message will prompt you to start the installation. After the installation is complete, follow the same steps to install the Google Apps file you had also transferred to your SD Card.

Once both the Google Apps and the Android Jellybean 4.2.2 firmware have been installed, select the ++++Go back option and then the reboot system now option. Once your device has properly rebooted which may take several minutes, your AT&T LG Nitro HD P930 will be fully functional using the Android 4.2.2 Jellybean firmware!

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