Apple Accepts That iPhone 4 Has Reception Issues

After receiving huge amount of complaints from the consumers. Apple finally has accepted that there is a reception problem in new Apple iPhone 4, but the problem is due to some other issues not related with antenna or hardware problem.

iPhone 4 launched on 24 June and after that consumers consistently complained about that they are facing call drop issues or reception problems.

According to official statement of Apple, the manufacture revealed that the method they are using to track down the signal strength was wrong.

The additional two bars for the signal strength was mistakenly provided.

Consumers claiming that they are facing signal issues with their new iPhone but it was not due to the signal strength is weak in that respective area but its because of  mistakenly four or five bars is showing up. The manufacture will soon release the software update that will these bugs.

After the software will release, American operator AT& T’s formula will be used by the phones to track down the signal bars.

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