Free Cases To iPhone 4 Purchaser To Fix The Antenna Issues By Apple

A Special press conference on Friday conducted by the Apple and its just over. Apple has finally done with the antenna problems of the new iPhone 4, and the problems still persist that had made the users bit annoyed. According to Steve Jobs only the iPhones has not the problems but also in other phones also, he has given example of other like that the BlackBerry Bold 9700, the HTC Droid Eris, and the Samsung Omnia 2 is also having some issues.

He further said it’s a world of smartphones and the situation wont be ideal, the issues are coming and settling out and every phone has some issues that will come on surface over the passage of time. The Bumpers, which available on Apple store had associated to iPhone 3GS after the iPhone 4 hits the market, the previously designed Bumper did not work for it, so due to least stock only the some consumers are able to get it, the ration was of 80%/20%. So the Apple has finally decided to give free case to every iPhone 4 purchasers before September 30 to fix out the antenna issues. Refund policy will only be offered for those who already have one. But the Apple is not quite organize enough to make huge amount of the Bumpers on immediate basis. Furthermore, Jobs said that they are also working on a software update that will allow iPhone 4 users to fix many problems.

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