iPhone 4 Under Class Action Suit Due To Manufacturing Fault In Antenna

After the launch of new Apple iPhone 4, people really get excited about the launch but there was the first lawsuit has been filed.

On Wednesday U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, the consumers names are  Kevin McCaffrey, Linda Wrinn, the suit was against Apple and AT&T, that there is manufacturing fault in the phone the antenna of the phone not working properly. Apple and AT&T both charged due to manufacturing faults.

The Apple is facing these difficulties after consumers are complaining that the device is not working properly and there is signal problem the call is dropping consistently and the problem is due to the manufacturing fault in antenna. Consumers complaining after the launch i.e. 24 June. According to some resources it is also confirmed that iOS 4.0 will help the customer in removing bugs and issues

According to class action suit “Both the consumers named McCaffrey and Wrinn facing difficulties with their new iPhone 4. There is a reception problem in the phone and several calls have been dropped automatically. The both are the consumers paying for their phone and they have a right to use Internet, receive calls and sending text messages to their desired numbers and using all the service, which provided by the iPhone 4.

Another news leaked on the Internet according to that Apple Care not providing warranty service related to these issues. The consumer wrote Steve Jobs about the issues. Jobs reply was, “Just don’t hold it that way.”

The points of the suit including that Apple and AT&T both charged for faults in antenna i.e. manufacturing fault.

On Monday Apple came on screen and said 1.7 million unit of new iPhone 4G sold out in three days after launch.

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