Is Apple-AT&T Selling Defected Phones With Reception Problems?

In Maryland huge amount of iPhone 4 consumers are facing issues related to new iPhone 4, Steve advice also included. There is an antenna problem due to this calls are being dropped out.

They want to see Apple and AT&T in court, because they think that Apple is selling phone with antenna problems and consumers are facing issues, they are also compiling iPhone 4 consumers to look into the matter.

Now have a look at this new antenna design, the antenna is for much improved reception but it is failed now. AT&T has three years selling experience of iPhone.

New iPhone 4G issues now annoying iPhone consumers and they are ready to lead Apple and AT&T towards court. People are facing issue consistently and it is confirmed that there is a reception problem in iPhone 4G. People really want resolution of the issues they are facing. Apple and AT & T are the big name in the world of communication. Now consumers are deciding to return the iPhone 4G.

Now some consumers really believe that Apple is selling defected phone with reception problems and people keep buying it.

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