Stay In Control With A Call Sheet iPhone App

Call Sheet iPhone App

You’ve taken care of the details of the shoot, including the schedules and locations. Now it’s time to create a call sheet and distribute it to all crew members. If you do it the way it’s always been done, that would probably mean you’ll have to research and key in vital information, such as weather forecasts, nearest hospitals and police stations, crew contact details, their call times, safety warnings and scheduled scenes. Then, you’ll have to distribute this document to the crew members through email, fax, or hand out hard copies at the set. All these laborious processes are made considerably simpler with call sheet iPhone app.

Compatibility and Requirements

Most call sheet iPhone apps are compatible with the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch; and require at least iOS 5.0 or later. Some call sheet apps are optimized for iPhone 5.


Call sheet apps, in general, are rich in features that make the laborious process of making a call sheet simpler by automating some parts of the process. For instance, when you key in the location of a shoot, the app automatically indicates police stations and hospitals near the area. Even entering crew members’ details can be done manually or by importing it from your address book. In addition, other information is added to the call sheet automatically like weather forecasts, driving directions and the location’s sunrise and sunset times.

Setting everyone’s schedule is very easy by using call sheet organization app’s time-saving buttons. For example, when you enter crew member’s details, the app presents you with options whether you want that person to be on call, wait for pickup, or report to the location at a specific time. If you want all crew members to report all at the same time, you can just insert a general call time for everyone.

Convenience is the name of the game since you can make use of whatever time you have when you’re on the go to make the call sheet. The app syncs with your office computer so you can easily access it whether you’re in the office or on location. Furthermore, you’re offering your crew members this same convenience, since they can have a copy of the documents on their smartphones and have a PDF copy in their email if they don’t have an iOS device or a call sheet android app. This ensures that everyone has all the information needed to have everything done according to plan.

Lastly, quick, last minute changes are the norm during shoots. Sometimes, this could get on everybody’s nerves; however, anyone who has been in the industry for some time knows that this is all part of the trade and has to be dealt with efficiently. Call sheet apps, internal messaging and its digital platform allow you to keep everyone in the loop so these changes are handled smoothly.

How Call Sheets are Made

Call sheet iPhone app adds an interesting spin to how call sheets are made, distributed and used. Aside from saving you a massive amount of time, it also keeps you at a level where no changes in the shoot will ever seem to faze you.

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