How to find IMEI Number of Any Smartphone or Mobile Device

International Mobile Equipment Identity otherwise known as IMEI is the hidden 15 digit number that is the identity of every smartphone. Many smartphone provides use the IMEI database for a number of reasons. If your phone is stolen you can contact your cellular network provider and give them your IMEI number to have the phone completely disabled. This works very well and is a great innovation that has helped many people. You don’t need to provide your IMEI number to have your service deactivated in case of theft. Most thieves use up your service for example make a lot of long distance calls which inevitably suspends the service, after which they get rid of the phone. However if you own an expensive phone the thief might try to reactivate or sell the phone, in which case you must provide your IMEI number to your network provider to have the phone completely shut down. The key is to know your IMEI number and you can do that in a number of ways.

find IMEI Number on iphone

Finding your IMEI number

For any smartphone device whether it be Android or Apple the best way to find out your IMEI number is by entering the following numbers in your caller: *#06#. Once you type out the number the IMEI number should pop up by itself. You can now take a screenshot of your phone and transfer it to your computer to keep a record of your IMEI number.

Another method that can help your retrieve your IMEI number is the battery method. Turn your device off and carefully remove the back panel of your phone. Now slowly take the battery out and set it down in a safe place. The IMEI number should now be visible to you in a yellow highlighted number! This method is not recommended considering there are much easier ways of finding out your IMEI number.

Finding out the IMEI or MEID number on your iPhone is relatively easy as well. Just go to your settings app and then select the About button. Scroll down and look for “MEID”! That is the IMEI number of your iPhone device!

The best and easiest method of finding out IMEI number for any device whether it be Apple or Android is to check the box it came in. The sticker which has the barcode will also have an 15 digit number for Android phones, and a 14 digit number for Apple products. These number are your smartphones unique IMEI numbers!

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