10 HTC One Tips And Tricks You Didn’t Know About

The HTC One is the newest, hottest phone from the quality HTC line. One of the greatest things about it is that within its easy-to-use interface are an abundance of time-saving tips and tricks that many users will never even find. Here are just 10 of the things you never knew you could do with your HTC One.



1. Add new widgets onto your home screen.

To do this, hold your finger down on some empty screen place. The widget control panel will pop up. Select one of the available widgets and drag it over to the home screen where you want it.

2. Use voice recognition offline.

You can still use voice recognition on your HTC One without an Internet connection. All you need to do is go to Settings, then Language & Keyboard, then Voice Search, and you can download data that will enable offline voicei recognition.

3. Look through your music more quickly.

If you store all your music on your phone, you can scroll through your collection much faster if you use two fingers. That lets you scroll through the alphabet until you find the one you need.

4. Browse the Internet full screen.

This lets you hide the address bar when you aren’t using it. Go to your browser’s menu from the address bar, then choose Settings, General, and check the Fullscreen option.

5. Change the user interface.

If you don’t like HTC’s Sense UI, search for “Launcher” in the Play Store. This will give you various new UIs you can download and install. One crowd favorite is Nova Launcher.

6. Doing a hard-soft reset.

For most phones, you can do this by taking the battery out, but you can’t do that on an HTC. There is an alternative, though. Hold the power down for 10 seconds. This triggers a hard-soft reset in the phone, and you’ll get a pop-up prompt telling you so.

7. Access camera filters.

This one can be hard to find on the HTC One. In the camera app, look below the buttons for camera/video select, and you’ll see a multicolored icon that lets you access all the filters.

8. Using apps from places other than Google Play.

You don’t have to use the Google app store for all your apps. You can turn on the ability to buy apps elsewhere by going to Settings, then Security, then checking the Unknown Sources option. Be careful, though. Apps bought elsewhere may have malware.

9. Using Zoe Mode.

Zoe Mode is an incredible video/camera feature that takes a video clip and then chops it up into a series of images. It’s a great way to get the perfect shot. To use this, look at a video in the gallery, select Edit, then select Retouch. This will let you get pictures from it.

10. Change your keyboard format.

Simply download another Android keyboard from Google Play, such as the popular app SwiftKey. Then go to Settings, then Language & Keyboard. From there, select your new keyboard as the primary one.

There’s more to the HTC One than meets the eye. Though a few of its special features have been listed here, you can find more by playing around with your phone and looking through all the settings. Hopefully this encourages you to go find some more of your own!

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