Improving Typing On A Smart Phone

While smart phones have changed the way we look at things, typing is markedly more difficult to practice on smart phones than on tablets and laptops. In fact, a common complaint most tech junkies get from business phone users is that, ‘while I can type fast on laptops, my skills on the Android HTC One X take a backseat, why?’ There is no general answer as to how you can type faster on a smart phone. But we can provide you with the following suggestions. Take a look.

Try switching keyboards.

There are myriad keyboard varieties available today for you to use with panache. While not every keyboard works for every user, there are probably a few that work for you. Try a number of keyboard patterns, identify the ones you are comfortable with, and soon your typing will improve. Keyboards like Smart Pro, Swipe and others have swipe, touch screen, and hordes of personalisation options to help you get better at typing on your business smart phone.

Try voice texting.

Voice texting is actually possible on high end Android phones. You either get the apps pre-loaded or have to buy them from the Android app store online. There are many features that voice texting has to offer you. There is a feature where you say what smiley you want and you’ll have it in the text. Or there are dictation options where you speak out and instantly there is an automated spell tool that spells your message out for you. Voice texting is a great way to type messages in nanoseconds flat! Yes, it does however, use a lot of battery power.

Use prediction wisely.

Text prediction has reached new dazzling levels on Android and iOS phones. There are instances where an entire message can be predicted by the software with you not having to type anything. There are keyboards where predictions and dictionary options practically know the tone of your messages and help you proactively draft your message in a jiffy. Smart phones are thus, awesome ways where you can type fast, without having to type anything at all, if you know what we mean.

Do not try too hard.

Finally, it is time to face the one most important fact: you cannot type fast on a smart phone even if you try really hard. It is important for you to create reasonable speed targets for yourself taking practicality into count and not try too hard. Most people find it really tough to type fast on a smart phone, which is why there are better keyboards being designed every day. Find out what speeds are achievable and stick to them.

If you just cannot type no matter how hard you try, consider having a basic phone with a keypad (and not a touch screen keypad) that lets you type letters in a jiffy. You can now get business phone deals on great phones with proper QWERTY keyboards.

As a last resort you can always make a call and speak up – this is definitely less taxing and time consuming than typing text on any phone.

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