Download and Install Zeusmos on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Zeusmos is an application that has taken the Iphone world by storm, the very premise it creates is one that no one thought could be possible. The Zeusmos app allows you to download paid apps for free, don’t worry you read that last line correctly! As surprising, and shocking it may sound, the Zeusmos is capable of doing what it sets out to do! Hence it comes as no wonder as to why so many people are intrigued by this app! Downloading the Zeusmos app and installing it to your smartphone is no arduous task either! Follow the instructions provided to you and you will also be using the Zeusmos application in no time!

Understandably the official download link for this application was abruptly taken down by creator after it went viral due to the piracy laws it infringes upon. Anyone who was lucky enough to get the application while the official website was still up is surely to be happy right now. However do not despair, there are two ways to be able to download the Zeusmos app! First by using the Zeusmos repo, or by downloading it from a hotlink that is still up and working. We recommend the repo version because the installation will commence as soon as the download is completed without any manual tampering.

How to Download & Install Zeusmos?

Step 1: Make sure your Iphone is properly jailbroken, and if not you can use the abundant softwares that are readily available such as snowbreeze and evasion.

Step 2: Run Cydia and select the manage option which should be available at the bottom of your screen. Now select Edit and a prompt bar should be visible to you.

Step 3: In the prompt bar type out the following line: Now select add resource option and then proceed to download the Zeusmos application.

Step 4: Once the download is complete the installation will commence and once that is also completed your jailbroken Iphone should properly be using the Zeusmos application!

Here’s the Zeusmos Download Link:

You can now download paid applications for free!

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