How to activate Private Browsing in Safari on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch

All of the tablets and smartphone products in the Apple franchise have a private browsing option integrated with the Safari App. The Google Chrome equivalent of private browsing is the incognito mode which basically doesn’t save the digital footprint of your history, searches, caches or logins, and it also prevents cookie storage on your device. The best way to have the utmost secrecy while using the internet on your iPhone or iPad is by using the Private Browsing function. This is because there is no storage of history on your device and anyone else using your device can never find out what you’ve been up to and as long as the Private Browsing option is on, your secrecy will remain. Let us now discuss how you can activate the Private Browsing function on your iPhone:

private browing in safari

Procedure to activate private browsing in Safari:

1: Find your settings app and open it up. Now navigate through the list and click on Safari

2: Now select the “Privacy” option and then look for “Private Browsing”. Slide the switch to on and you’re done!

If you happen to have the Safari browser open with a few tabs while making this change, it will prompt you if you want to get rid of the existing pages. It is recommended that you select the “Keep all” so that you don’t accidentally close any important windows. However because you have now turned on Private Browsing all of the data for the existing pages will vanish and you will not be able to save any history after hitting refresh!

Darkened windows on Safari will confirm that you have properly activated the Private Browsing function!

Remember that you can activate or deactivate the Private Browsing function whenever you want by simply moving the slide. If in case you want to start saving your history again, just go back to the privacy options and reset the slide!

Safari is great when it comes to security preferences considering that you can also adjust the cookie flow in your phone. You can do that in the same Privacy options as before but you will now have to go into advanced options and delete selected site cookies!

Most people use private browsing when they do online shopping to be able to keep all of their information private. The only downside to Private Browsing is that you will lose saved logins and cookies, however this isn’t that big of a deal when you think about the security factor that it adds. Other than that there is no problem with leaving Private Browsing on all of the time!

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