Install iOS 7 Beta 3 On iPhone Via OTA

The Apple operating system known as the iOS is a great piece of software which offers some of the most amazing user interfaces for their customers to use. Apple has worked over the last decade perfecting the iOS and it seems to be making great progress with every update. The latest addition to the iOS updates is the iOS 7 Beta 3 update. This update brings along with a lot of changes to how the current iOS works. The changelog provided with this update goes to show how Apple takes into consideration the many pleas of its customer base. Let us now discuss some of the features of the iOS 7 Beta 3 update.

iOS 7 Beta 3

iOS 7 Beta 3

iOS 7 Beta 3 Features

1: Various fonts have been redesigned in this update.
2: Access to different Safari extensions is now done with a period button rather than using the .com button.
3: Male and Female voices have been added for Siri in the following languages: English and French. A male voice was also done for the German language.
4: The calendar app is now based on a monthly timeline when it comes to events.
5: Xcode 5 has a third party, developer only preview now.
6: New icons have been introduced to the Music app.
7: The opaqueness on the folder icons has been increased.
8: Spotlight search now has a new animation.
9: Updates now do not interfere with using apps.
10: The time is now shown while music is being played on the lock screen.
11: The Podcasts app is now functioning as intended.
12: Pinch to zoom featured enable for landscape mode in the music app.
13: New design for the clock icon on the Control Center.

These are several of the news changes in the iOS 7 Beta 3 update!

Installing the iOS 7 Beta 3 on the iPhone using OTA isn’t a hard task at all. However you should keep in mind that once you have updated to this new iOS, you can not revert back to any previous iOS! Let us now go through the steps you will have to take to install iOS 7 Beta 3 on your iPhone via OTA!

Installation Process

Step 1: Locate and access your settings app
Step 2: Select general options
Step 3: Now select Software update
Step 4: You must make sure that you have consistent WiFi connection to the internet for this next step
Step 5: After your iPhone is done searching the available updates for your device, locate and select the iOS 7 Beta 3 update.
Step 6: The installation process will now commence, be patient and for the process to complete.

Reboot your device after the process is complete and congratulations, you are now using the iPhone on the iOS 7 Beta 3 update!

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