iPhone 4S Price, Specifications & Review

iPhone 4S Review- Apple recently unveiled the iPhone 4S to the world as well as the numerous changes that have been integrated into the phone since the last installment. In very short terms, the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 4 is what the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 3G. Upgrades, upgrades and more upgrades, that has been Apple’s main focus with the iPhone 4S. How far can they take the iPhone 4 in regards to these upgrades, we can only wait and find out on October 14th until it is officially released. For now let’s take a look at the specs unveiled of the iPhone 4S a couple of days ago.

iPhone 4S, a complete package?:

The iPhone 4S has received some thorough upgrades in both terms of multi-media as well as its hardware. The iPhone 4S now houses the A5 processor which is an ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore dual-core processor which works on 1Ghz of speed. This processor is the same as the processor that is used in the Apple iPad 2. The iPhone 4S also comes with the upgraded RAM source of 1 GB. In terms of processing speed and RAM allocation the iPhone 4S has double the capabilities of the iPhone4. In regards to multimedia, the iPhone 4S now has an eight mega-pixel camera which is a much better upgrade to the iPhone 4’s five mega-pixel camera. In regards to how the iPhone 4S has mapped up against the iPhone 4, we can clearly see a drastic upgrade. Even thought the dimensions of the iPhone 4S still remain the same as the iPhone 4, the quality and performance of the phone has drastically improved. Another major improvement is the addition of the 64 GB package in the iPhone, though it still remains with the same laws. Users are not allowed the option of allocating an SD card with the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S now comes with a voice-recognition assistant known as Siri to help out the users that are new to the smart phone experience. All in all the iPhone 4S is set to come out with a bang, and we can now only wait and watch how it takes the markets by storm.

iPhone 4S Specifications:

  • Operating System: iOS 5
  • Processor(CPU): 1Ghz , ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore dual-core processor chip
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage Capacity: 16 GB/32 GB/64 GB of internal storage, no external slot as usual from Apple iphone
  • Camera: 8 Mega Pixel Camera with Autofocus, Tap to focus, Face detection in still images, LED flash. Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio and also having front vga camera.
  • Display: 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch retina display with 960 * 640 pixel resolution at 326 ppi density.
  • Battery: Gives you the talktime of 8 hours on 3G, up to 14 hours on 2G (GSM).
  • Design: 115.2 mm of Height, 58.6 mm of Width and 58.6 mm of Depth.
  • Weight: 140 grams
  • Colors: White and Black

iPhone 4S Price & Final Thoughts:

With the release of the iPhone 4S, many price cuts in the previous installments have also taken place. This is a smart move on Apple’s part. The iPhone 4S price range starts off at 199.99$ for the 16GB version, 299.99$ for the 32GB version and 399.99$ for the 64GB version. October 14th is the date the iPhone 4S will be released, so let’s keep out eyes peeled and watch how this smart phone holds up in the markets.

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