iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5: The Comparative Features Between The Old And The New

The world of technology and telecommunication has made our life style as smart as the phones these days. From the moment we awake to the moment we fell asleep, round the clock our phones are our closest companion. Traditional keypad phones are surviving hardly in the markets of even developing countries. What is ruling the market is the ever advancing smart phone and Apple leads them all. For all those fans of iPhone, no other phone will ever admire then for the rest of the lives. Once you get addicted to the Apple’s iPhone, you will definitely turn into its brand loyal and no other phone will ever suit you for the rest of your lives.

iphone 5s vs iphone 5

Continuous and consistent research and development contributed by Steve Job’s Apple has shown wonders in the product development in the last couple of years which is the main reason for there success in becoming one of the most top ranking companies of the world that has shown extended progress by leaps and bounds. Being a leading brand, it showed progressive improvement until Apple came up with the iPhone 5, and now iPhone 5s which is the star of the show and the talk of the town these days in the market of telecommunication.

For any one who is a perfect fan of iPhone, here is a comparative analysis that will furnish you with perfect guidance as what to choose among the two mind blowing rockstar smart phones.

A Comparative Analysis

1. Comparison Between Basic Features: Memory, Speed, Design And Camera

The iPhone 5S takes the lead in becoming the 64-bit phone which is the first of its kind. Talking about the speed, the iPhone 5S Is much faster in the speed as compared to the older iPhone 5. Besides, for all those who are lovers of photography, iPhone 5S camera offers much more offers than the older camera of iPhone 5. However, from the design perspective, both iPhone 5 as well as iPhone 5S are available in professional designs and are light weight while being available in elegant colors and full metallic body.

2. Comparison Of The Upgrades

If we talk in terms of the comparison between the upgrades, then iPhone 5 was released in the year 2012 which was considered to the Christmas gift of the year. However, when in the next year 2013 came iPhone 5S, then gone were the dazzling effects of iPhone 5 due to the reason that the intelligent features of iPhone 5S were extremely mesmerizing. However, no possibilities exists for the arrival of iPhone 6 uptil now as iPhone 5S is the most upgraded version until now.

3.  Comparison Of The Costs

The iPhone 5S is one of the most expensive phones right now. It costs around £549 but if iPhone 5 is your choice under budget constraints then it will save you around £240.

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