iPhone 5S VS iPhone 5C: The Difference Between The Two Latest Apple’s Release

The smartphone is ruling the market of cellular phones these days. Gone is the era of traditional phones with keypads which are hardly surviving in the market. There are many brand champions that are notable in this regard. Above all stands the name of the iPhone and its two most latest models; the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C.

Following is the comparative guide between the iPhone 5S VS iPhone 5C which is just a thin line of comparison between them as both are solid in their manufacturing and world class in their performance with one slightly a step ahead then the other.

iPhone 5S VS iPhone 5C

Comparison between iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

1. Size And Color

The major difference that lies between the two brand champions the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C lies in the fact that though they are almost similar in size yet there is a slight difference in the casing where iPhone 5C is available into soft silicon rubber whereas the iPhone 5S is available in anodized aluminum. Now, as far as the option of color is concerned, the iPhone 5C is available in brighter colors such as blue, green, yellow, pink and white; while in the other case the iPhone 5S is available into more elegant colors such as gray, silver and gold.

2. The Performance

Another vast point of difference lies in the fact that the processor of iPhone 5S is the 64-bit mobile processor which has twice the performance as compared with that of iPhone 5C. This means greater and polished performance from all aspects which is delivered in the case of iPhone 5s.

3. Camera Features

The great difference between the iPhone 5C as well as iPhone 5S also lies in the fact that iPhone 5S has a lot of incentive for the users which greatly belong to the category of mobile photographers and they are extremely fond of the photography. For all such camera lovers and photography fans, the camera upgrades of iPhone 5S are significantly improved and it essentially consists of a five-element lens, a much larger sensor and much more sophisticated and advanced image processing system as compared to that available in the previous model of iPhone 5C.

4. The App Comparison

It is being said that if you are a frequent user of the iPhone apps and you want to fully enjoy the gaming applications, then in that case the iPhone 5S is your perfect choice to carry on As it fully supports all the apps designed In the apple store uptil now and supports all the features of the games as well.

5. The Security Feature

A great security feature named as a fingerprint sensor is being introduced in the iPhone 5S which is called as theTouch ID, which simply works by replacing the lock screen code by touching it with your finger by virtue of which you can purchase items in iTunes.

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