Method to Transfer .IPA Files from PC to iPhone for AppCake+

A very large portion of the Apple fan base and customer core are ultimately involved with jailbreaking their respective phones. It should be common knowledge by now that jailbreaking your device allows you to acquire paid apps for free. Which is why jailbreaking is so common with iPhones. Installous was a software that allowed you to download paid apps for free on a jailbroken phone. However in a turn of recent events, installous has been shut down.

Appcake is now the best alternative to Installous as it offers everything that installous had to offer to the jailbreaking community. Yet we always don’t download our app files from Appcake, sometimes we download them from the internet via torrents or hyperlinks straight to our computer. The purpose of this guide is to show you how can transfer .IPA files that you download onto your computer to your Appcake library on your Iphone device. 

With that in mind there a few obvious resources one should have before trying to transfer .IPA files to their device for Appcake. First and foremost you have to have a jailbroken device which has a functional version of Appcake installed on it. Obviously it goes without saying that you need to have some experience with jailbreaking and installing apps to your device to be able to do that. Secondly we will need a properly file managing app which will allow us to transfer the files. The best app to date available is Disk Aid, which you can download from Download Disk Aid and properly install it to your computer. Once you have all three of these resources readily available we can now get into the process of transferring .IPA files from your computer to your phone. 

Procedure to Transfer .IPA Files from PC to iPhone

Step 1: Plug in your device to the computer and run Disk Aid. 

Step 2: Locate and select the root button and then proceed to finding the var directory. Once you have found it, select the var directory, do not click the shortcut icon, make sure you select the folder. 

Step 3: Once you have opened the Var directory, you will be able to locate a folder named “mobile”. Select the mobile folder.

Step 4: Within the mobile folder you should be able to locate the “documents” folder. Select the documents folder.

Step 5: The documents folder is home to a folder called “downloads”. The downloads folder is where all of your .IPA files reside. Select the downloads folder.

 Step 6: As mentioned in step 5, this is where all of your Appcake .IPA files are located. If you ever need to transfer a file from your computer to your Appcake app, this is the directory you will have to use. You can now simply drag files, or copy paste them to this directory! Once the files have transferred you should be able to locate them on your device in the Appcake downloads section.

Now you know how to transfer .IPA files to your Appcake download directory! For anyone who wants to know where their installous download files are located even after having deleted the installous app the following directory should lead you to them: /File System/Root/var/mobile/Documents/Installous/Downloads .


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